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Societal marketing as a component of Social Corporative Responsibility

Author: Grigoraş Maria
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.06 - Marketing; Logistics
Scientific adviser: Grigore Belostecinic
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Institution: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Scientific council: D 32-08.00.06-27.03.08
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 18 March, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 12 May, 2011


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SCR, business ethics, societal marketing (SM), stakeholders, responsible behavouir, the marketing impact, ethical dilema


The thesis consist of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 160 titles, 38 annexes, 144 pages of main text, 25 figures, 6 tables, 6 formula. The obtained results are published in 13 scientifical works.

The research domain of this work is the societal marketing as a component of Social Corporative Responsibility.

The aim and the objectives of the paper are to study the socio-economic aspects of the theory of societal marketing, the tendences of its development all over the world, the factors that determine these tendences during the Republic of Moldova created conditions, as well as the detection of their impact towards business durability development.

The scientific innovation of the investigations consists in: determining the SM notions and SCR as indispensable parts of modern society; the analysis of tendences of societal practices at the world level and their compatibility with the goals of different interested parts; the evalution of native business environment and their impact towards the SM practices development; the evaluation of SCR in the Republic of Moldova; the grade of sensibility establishment of the native consumer to SCR practices; the socio-competitive model elaboration of synthesis concerning SCR towards the durability development; the elaboration of complex measures regarding societal marketing promotion at the level of economic subjects.

The theoretical importance and applied value of the research consists in underlining the necessity of appling of the SM by the economic subjects. Conclusions and recommendations usage from the paper will contribute to legislative legislation perfection regarding the consumers’ rights protection, producers’ protection; charrity actions and philantropy. In addition, the research tries to bring a theoretical value to societal marketing implementation strategy at the level of superior management of the business firms, the strategy which would be equal to financial indicators improvement and to the status of obtaining reputational advantages. At the same time, the research is also addressed to the consumers with the aim of developement of a responsible consume behavouir, ethic and equal. At the same time, the research could be also a basis for municipalities, NGOs, which on the basis of obtaining mutual advantages from societal practices promotion would contribute to partnership development with the comercial societies.