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The Image-Symbolic System of the Novel "Oblomov" by I. A. Goncharov

Author: Brajuc Vladimir
Degree:doctor of philology
Speciality: 10.01.06 - World and Comparative Literature
Scientific adviser: Sergiu Pavlicenco
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University
Scientific council: D 30-10.01.06-27.03.08
Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 7 October, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2011


Adobe PDF document0.31 Mb / in romanian
Adobe PDF document0.31 Mb / in russian


image, personage, type, character, antithesis, chronotope, symbol, archetype, concept, linguistic culturology


The structure of the dissertation is the following: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography including 176 titles, 126 pages of body text.

The conclusions and results of research are reflected in 14 scientific publications.

The field of study: world and comparative literature. The main characters of the novel “Oblomov” by I.A.Goncharov at the level of an image, a concept, a symbol are analyzed.

The main goal of the investigation: to identify the image-symbolic system as the content dominant idea of the novel “Oblomov” by I. A. Goncharov. Objectives: By means of the text material to show complexity of the image, organic combination of typical and individual in the image of the novel’s protagonist, thus to prove the unity of eternal and modern, philosophical and everyday, tragical and comic in I.Goncharov's novel.

The scientific novelty of the dissertation thesis consists in the researching into the image-symbolic system of the novel “Oblomov” by I. A. Goncharov; in the generalizations and conclusions that allow to come maximally near to the revealing of the author’s world concept. In the thesis for the first time a great attention is given to the novel’s symbolic, a close connection of image- concept-symbol-language is substantiated. The theoretical value of the thesis consists in a systematic examination of the artistic categories of "image", "concept", "symbol".

The applied value of the thesis: the material and some points of the work can be used in an examination of the concepts and symbols of the eastern (first of all Russian) and western mentalities; in the investigation of themes and motives of the novel “Oblomov” in the Russian and foreign literature; besides the research results can find various application in the process of development of general and special tutorial courses in the Russian literature of the second half of the 19th century, in the school and high school teaching practice.

In the thesis for the first time the symbolics of the novel “Oblomov” by I. A. Goncharov is revealed and a close connection between the artistic categories of "image", "concept", "symbol" in the study of a literary character is substantiated.