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Pavlicenco Sergiu, doctor habilitat, professorPavlicenco Sergiu, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Moldova State University
Adviser Number:5 October, 2011, nr.1258
Specialties: 10.01.06 - World and Comparative Literature

Approved theses [11]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D The Image-Symbolic System of the Novel "Oblomov" by I. A. Goncharov 10.01.06 USM adviser 22.12.2011
D Narrative Structures and Strategies in Joseph Conrad’s Prose 10.01.06 adviser 01.10.2009
D The Translated Literature and Comparativistics 10.01.06 consultant 19.06.2008
D The Quixotism in Romanian literature 10.01.06 adviser 19.06.2008
D The tragic hypostasis in the 20th century novel 10.01.06 adviser 17.04.2008
D Models of Medea Myth’s Reception in Contemporary German Literature 10.01.06 adviser 19.04.2007
D Electra Myth in Ancient and Modern Drama 10.01.06 adviser 23.02.2006
D The mith of Orpheus in the contemporary theatre 10.01.06 adviser 27.10.2005
D Gustave Flaubert şi literatura română 10.01.06 adviser 24.02.2005
D Receptarea poeziei lamartiniene în literatura română din secolul al XIX-lea 10.01.06 adviser 24.02.2005
D Umberto Eco şi retorica romanului postmodernist 10.01.06 adviser 24.02.2005