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Participation of self-consciousness in system of teenagers’ personal values

Author: Paladi Oxana
Degree:doctor of psychology
Speciality: 19.00.01 - General Psychology
Scientific adviser: Aglaida Bolboceanu
doctor habilitat, professor
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 21 October, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2011


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Self–conception, self-consciousness, Self-image, self-trust, an independent person, self-congruence, valuable orientations, values hierarchy


Work structure:the Dissertation consists of the summary in the Romanian, Russian and English languages, the content, the introduction, four heads, conclusions and recommendations, the bibliography from 258 titles, 9 appendices, 31 diagrams and 36 tables. Research results are published in 17 scientific works.

Research area: General psychology (self-consciousness, personal values)

. The purpose of work consists in determination of self-consciousness participation in the system of personal values of teenagers and interactions between them, creation of the psychological program for consciousness developing.

The work objectives include research and analysis of the scientific information upon the present theme; determination of making components of self-consciousness and the way of its involving in the system of values; revealing of the levels of teenagers’ self-consciousness development; creation of psychological model of teenagers’ self-consciousness development.

Novelty and originality of the scientific work. For the first time, it was investigated the problem of self-consciousness involving in the system of personal values of teenagers, it was defined the way of participation of self-consciousness in the system of values (the self-consciousness is studied concerning the contents of teenagers values system in professional educational institutions and the difference in an origin in modern social and economic conditions of the Republic of Moldova); it was established the components/elements of self-consciousness which characterise the level of its development. The given research allows to understand, how the consciousness participates in the system of personal values of teenagers, and also efficiency of this process.

The theoretical importance. Theoretical conclusions of research will bring the contribution to a modern science, enriching it by new data about development of self-consciousness and its participation in teenagers’ values system, about its making elements and about the relations established between them. Last idea can be used as a starting point for the further studying of the Self-concept at modern teenagers and improvement of training process. The received results can become a theoretical basis for: optimisation of education quality, elaboration of the individual programs after social integration and youth development, creation of the conditions for success motivation, correlation of the process of initial vocational training with requirements of the students and modern society.

The practical value of work consists in creation of the psychological model of teenagers’ self-consciousness development, recommended to psychologists, teachers, teenagers who intend to work individually over self-consciousness development. The results will be used as theoretical reference for: optimizing of the education quality; elaborating of the individual development and teenagers’ social integration programs; promoting of the conditions for motivation to succeed, the initial professional training process of formation to the needs of the adolescents and contemporary society; the results will be used with the purpose for crystallization and maturation of the top levels of the teenagers’ personality, internalizing of the values promoted by socio-cultural context in which they live. Experimental data will be useful for teachers in higher education sphere, for psychologists, social workers, teenagers and parents; to increase efficiency of the educational process directed to formatting of an integral personality.

Scientific results introduction. The received results have been realised in sphere of university education during teaching courses of the “General psychology – I”, „The General psychology - II” and „Knowledge and fastening of Self image ”; at the courses of teachers qualification improvement with the speciality „The Psychological help in school” in the module „Technicians of Self-image knowledge and fastening”.