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Bolboceanu Aglaida, doctor habilitat, professorBolboceanu Aglaida, doctor habilitat, professor

Thesis under consideration [2]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D Cognitive, affective and behavioural dimensions in the manifestation of the work-family conflict in the employees of the local organizations 19.00.01 USM reviewer
Cojocaru Natalia
DH Psychology of anxiety in children and adolescents 19.00.07 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... CSS member 06.11.2020

Approved theses [9]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Psychosocial dimensions of personal development of teacher 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 15.03.2019
D Social representation of contemporary family in Republic of Moldova. 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 23.11.2018
DH Psychological basis of medical professional thinking formation 19.00.07 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser 23.11.2018
D Communication Damages in families living long time in air attacks areas. 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 16.02.2017
D Peculiarities of Attitude of Teenagers with Hearing Disability to Creating of Interpersonal Relations with Peers 19.00.05 USM adviser 15.11.2016
D Psychological Particularities of Development of Social Competence in Ontogenesis 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 28.05.2015
D Participation of self-consciousness in system of teenagers’ personal values 19.00.01 USM adviser 22.12.2011
D Psychological bases of thinking optimization of the students from the medicine university in the emergency situation 19.00.07 adviser 17.04.2008
D Relationship between the capacities to fine art activity and general capacities during all school age 19.00.07 adviser 21.12.2006