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Bucun Nicolae, doctor habilitat, professorBucun Nicolae, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Education Sciences
Adviser Number:19 June, 2008, nr.904
Specialties: 19.00.07 - Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Development, Psychology of Personality
19.00.10 - Special Psychology

Thesis under consideration [4]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D Assertive Communication Paradigm in the course of the Student Teachers’ Professional Training 13.00.01 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... CSS member
Cojocaru-Borozan Maia
D Physical education impact on cognitive skills training to primary schools pupils, the thesis of the doctor of pedagogical sciences 13.00.04 The State University of P... CSS member
Goncearuc Svetlana
Demcenco Petru
D Psychological particularities of a child’s personality with chronic respiratory diseases 19.00.01 USM adviser 11.05.2017
D The role of the personal resources contributing to the maintenance of the work engagement among teachers 19.00.01 USM reviewer
Platon Carolina

Approved theses [10]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D The influence of social attitudes on the process of adaptation of senior pupils and parents in the family 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 15.11.2016
D Psychosocial adaptation of first year students to the university 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 21.04.2016
D Psychological characteristics of children with mild mental disabilities from the perspective of variety educational models 19.00.10 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser 22.12.2015
D Complex patterns of intervention used for the psychocorrection of the attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome found in school-aged children deficit hyperactivity syndrome found in school-aged children 19.00.10 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser 07.07.2015
D Medical-social and psychological aspects of judge’s morbidity in Moldova 14.00.33 consultant
Mereuţa Ion
D Psycho-pedagogical methods of intervention in the preparation for school of children with speech disorders 19.00.10 adviser 06.10.2010
D Psihologic improvement resources of development of children with hereditary mental diseases 19.00.10 adviser 20.09.2007
D Methods of prevention and recuperation of the deviations in the behaviour of adolescents 19.00.10 adviser 20.09.2007
D Gender identity of youth under of modification of social roles 19.00.07 adviser 21.12.2006
D Modele pedagogice de integrare în comunitate a copiilor cu cerinţe educative speciale 13.00.03 adviser
Stratan Valentina