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Bucun Nicolae, doctor habilitat, professorBucun Nicolae, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Education Sciences
Adviser Number:19 June, 2008, nr.904
Specialties: 19.00.07 - Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Development, Psychology of Personality
19.00.10 - Special Psychology

Approved theses [10]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D The influence of social attitudes on the process of adaptation of senior pupils and parents in the family 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 15.11.2016
D Psychosocial adaptation of first year students to the university 19.00.05 Institute of Education S... adviser 21.04.2016
D Psychological characteristics of children with mild mental disabilities from the perspective of variety educational models 19.00.10 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser 22.12.2015
D Complex patterns of intervention used for the psychocorrection of the attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome found in school-aged children deficit hyperactivity syndrome found in school-aged children 19.00.10 Chisinau Pedagogical Stat... adviser 07.07.2015
D Medical-social and psychological aspects of judge’s morbidity in Moldova 14.00.33 consultant
Mereuţa Ion
D Psycho-pedagogical methods of intervention in the preparation for school of children with speech disorders 19.00.10 adviser 06.10.2010
D Psihologic improvement resources of development of children with hereditary mental diseases 19.00.10 adviser 20.09.2007
D Methods of prevention and recuperation of the deviations in the behaviour of adolescents 19.00.10 adviser 20.09.2007
D Gender identity of youth under of modification of social roles 19.00.07 adviser 21.12.2006
D Modele pedagogice de integrare în comunitate a copiilor cu cerinţe educative speciale 13.00.03 adviser
Stratan Valentina