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Modification of agro-physical properties of typical chernozem soil under the influence of crop rotation and fertilization

Author: Cebotari Marin
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.01.01 - General agriculture
Scientific adviser: Boris Boincean
doctor habilitat, professor, Research Institute of Field Crops "Selectia"
Institution: Agrarian State University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 18 September, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 19 November, 2015


Adobe PDF document0.55 Mb / in romanian


CZU 631.452

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122 pages


crop rotation, fertilization, soil fertility, bulk density, porosity, soil compaction


Structure of the thesis: introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 151 sources, 94 pages of the basic text, 14 attachments, 10 figures, 27 tables. The results have been published in 6 scientific papers.

Domain of research: 411.01. Agriculture.

The aim of the work: evaluation of the whole complex of agro-physical soil indicators for the diagnosis of arable chernozem soils and determination of their influence on productivity of field crops in the crop rotation link and continuous cropping, on fertilized and unfertilized plots.

The objectives of the work: determination of the indicators of agro-physical properties of the soil in crop rotation and continuous cropping on fertilized and unfertilized plots; experimental determination of soil resistance to moldboard ploughing in different crop rotations.

Novelty and scientific originality: The whole complex of agro-physical indicators of soil fertility have been determined under the influence of crop rotations and systems of fertilization in crop rotation. For the first time in the Republic of Moldova the resistance of arable chernozem soil to moldboard plough was experimentally determined in different crop rotations.

The important scientific problem solved: It was experimentally established the optimistic option of agro-physical soil properties improvement in crop rotation and fertilization on typical chernozem.

Theoretical and practical significance of the work: comparative analysis of natural ecosystem and agroecosystems allows to determine the whole complex of measures for the modernization of the agroecosystems in order to reduce the negative impact and to adapt to unfavorable climatic conditions. Experimental evaluation of soil resistance to moldboard ploughing for different systems of soil management (crop rotation, systems of soil fertilization) as a prerequisite for the reduction of fuel consumption for soil tillage. The experimental results are used both by agricultural producers and as a didactic material for students on the specialties of agronomy and agroecology at different research and educational institutions.

Implementation of the scientific results: The experimental data have been confirmed in the farm "Danulschii", Glodeni district.