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The policy of military construction in the Republic of Moldova: theoretical and methodological guidelines and practical outlines

Author: Manolache Constantin
Degree:doctor habilitat of political Sciences
Speciality: 23.00.01 - Theory, Methodology and History of Political Sciences; Political Institutions and Processes
Scientific consultant: Gheorghe Rusnac
doctor, associate professor (docent), Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 15 April, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 3 June, 2016


Adobe PDF document1.01 Mb / in romanian


Republic of Moldova, military construction, military body, national security and defense sector, military security, nonmilitary security (ecological), military unit, system, authorities, political modernization


Structure of the essay: introduction, four chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliographical references with 103 titles, list of publications, 56 pages of text. The results are published in 43 scientific papers.

Goals and objectives of the work: the main purpose is to make a research of conceptual-theoretical process and the evolution of military construction in the Republic of Moldova for determining and assessing the functionality of the state policy in the national security and defense system. Some objectives make reference to: establishment of political and legal framework, conceptual approaches and theoretical and methodological benchmarks for accomplishing the investigation of the national security and defense system; analyzing the legal and normative framework for institutionalizing and functionality of bodies charged with competences in the field of the national security and defense; analyzing the objectives, functions and activities, types and structure of the military body as a whole system, highlighting the general and the particular.

Scientific novelty of investigations and results are expressed by fulfilling a complex research focused on appropriate conceptual and theoretical support, having feasible applicative connotations, the military construction in the Republic of Moldova, which envisaged the foundation of a brand new scientific direction within political sciences context. The scientific novelty resides in the interdisciplinary approach on methodological level and polyvalent approach under structurally-functional aspect of military body construction policy in the Republic of Moldova, elucidated mainly synchronically and diachronicaly.

New scientific results obtained from carrying out the research, have determined the foundation of a brand new scientific direction within political sciences from the Republic of Moldova – the policy of military construction in the Republic of Moldova, having as a support the analysis of the state policy and the military body. The research has developed of theoretical basics of military politology and practical benchmarks to modernize the system of security and defense.

Theoretical significance lies in elaboration and presentation of a complex conceptual-theoretical and methodological framework, referring to an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research of the military construction in the Republic of Moldova treated as the state policy in the field of national security and defense: definitions of the following concepts have been drafted- "military body", "military unit" and "military-ecological policy" as well as the methodological framework of researching the military body of the state via the relation "system-element"; were highlighted the Republic of Moldova’s security and defense needs and opportunities.

The applied value lies in presenting the results of crucial importance that can be used to elaborate state policies in the field of security and defense, expressed by laws, concepts, strategies and other general or sectoral regulations. The applicability of results with feasible connotation is reflected by the following: provides authorities with public offices and civil servants with relevant results in the field of military construction; offers to university-academic scientific staff and experts in security and defense field the conceptual and theoretical-methodological support, essential for deepening and broadening investigations; opens new perspectives for the training of highly qualified staff.

Implementation of scientific results: the results of research have been implemented in the Law on National Defense no. 345-XV of 25 July 2003 and the national military strategy projects, participation to civil servants and conscripts training by drafting and editing of some documents and implementation of institutional projects as a director or performer.