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Creative activity of the architects in Bessarabia in the first half of the XIX centur

Author: Ceastina Alla
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.06 - History and Theory of Arts; History of Culture and Civilization
Scientific adviser: Mariana Şlapac
doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent), Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Institution: Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 18 April, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 3 June, 2016


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CZU 72 (478)(091)(043.3)

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168 pages


architecture, Bessarabia, urban development, creative activity, architect, land surveyor, military engineer, construction, classicism, model project, jail, prison, bell tower, barrack, hospital, arch, cathedral, metropolis, seminary, church


Structure of the thesis: Introduction, four Chapters, Conclusions and recommendations, 168 pages of main text, bibliography and archival sources of 338 items, as well as 5 annexes.

Field of the research: Theory and history of architecture.

Goal of the thesis is the comprehensive investigation of creative activity of some architects, land surveyors and military engineers in Bessarabia in the first half of XIX century.

Tasks of the research: uncovering new archival documents and materials relative to architectural monuments and their authors as architects for the indicated period of time; analysis of architectural creations; consideration of the influence of legal acts on the architecture and urban construction of Bessarabia; showing the role of some construction committees of Kishinev, Ismail and etc. as well as the Bessarabian road building commission; presentation of the personalities of various architects, surveyors and military engineers of Bessarabia; preparation of the list of main architectural buildings of Bessarabia for the first half of XIX century.

Scientific novelty and originality of the thesis is in the comprehensive research of creativity of some architects that is defined by an interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of a theme relative to the development of architecture on the basis of publications and new documents found in the Archives of Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine, presented as personal records of architects, engineers and surveyors of XIX century, as well as technical plans and projects which referring to that period of time.

Main resolved scientific problem consists in the objective evaluation of the creative activity of some architects, surveys, military engineers in Bessarabia in the first half of XIX century who by and large influenced beneficially architectural urban development in Bessarabia, as well as the determination of their role and influence on the architecture and town-planning of this region.

Theoretical value is formed by the timeliness and novelty of the study of architectural town planning in Bessarabia through the creative activity of many architects of the first half of XIX century.

Practical value: These materials of the research can be used for elaboration of the reference book about the bessarabian architects and became a documentary base for subsequent investigations for scientific thesis, preparation of special courses in the field of the history and theory of architecture.

Implementation of scientific results. Research results were reflected in 19 scientific publications (volume: 10 author’s sheets) and presented at 12 International Conferences on this range of problems in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, France, USA. These results were used for creation of TV-broadcast about the historical center of Kishinev.