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CNAA / Theses / 2016 / June /

Efficientisation of decision-making process in the context of modernizing the public administration from Republic of Moldova

Author: Solomon Oleg
Degree:doctor of political Sciences
Speciality: 25.00.02 - Organization and Management in the Public Administration Institutions; Public Services
Scientific adviser: Victor Saca
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Academy of Public Administration


The thesis was presented on the 30 June, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 6 October, 2016


Adobe PDF document0.52 Mb / in romanian


CZU 351 (043.3)

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227 pages


Republic of Moldova, public administration, central public administration, public administrative authorities, government act, administrative decision-making process,administrative decision, public policy, decision models, efficiency, modernization


Thesis structure: introduction, four chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 258 titles, 15 annexes, 150 basic text pages, 19 figures, 13 tables. The results are published in 16 research papers.

Field of study: Public administration; organization and management in public administration institutions; public services.

The purpose of this paper lies in the systemic research of administrative decisionmaking process from RM, and identifies ways to streamline it, in the context of public administration modernization.

The objectives of the thesis are: identification of the degree of researching, and controversies of decision-making process in national and international literature; theoretical and methodological analysis of administrative decision-making process and decision models, and identification of critical determinants for them; identification and analyzing the particularities of decision-making process from central public administration of RM; comparative analysis of decision-making process from central public administration of RM, RE and FYRM; establishing major shortcomings facing the decision-making process of the central public administration; identifying ways to streamline the administrative decision-making process from RM in the context of modernization of public administration, and developing an optimal decision-making model.

The scientific originality and novelty of the thesis is prescribed by the results of systemic research of theories, approaches, and decision models, and their influences on the quality of decision-making process, originality of the definitions developed, particularities of the decision-making process of the central public administration identified through social investigation, similarities and differences determined in the decision-making process of public central administration of RM, RE and FYRM, the results on the quality of administrative decision-making process obtained as a result of conducting a comparative analysis, the model decision developed and ways of improving administrative decision-making process in RM, in the context of modernization of public administration.

Important scientific problem solved resides in developing a scientific study which comes to consolidate and assure the development of the main aspect of public administration with regard to decision-making process, through studying the implications of the theories, approaches, and decision models on the quality of decisions adopted, developing a systemic and comparative analysis of decision making process in the central public administration of the Republic of Moldova, and identifying the ways to improve it.

The theoretical significance of the thesis derives from results of systemic research and analysis of theories, approaches, models, structural elements and stages of the decision process, from the comparative analysis of theories, models and internal structure of decision making, and from multilateral research of the interference between decision models, administrative decisionmaking processes, quality of the decisions, government act, and public administration modernization.

The practical value of the research is identified in the ways to streamline the administrative decision making process in RM in the context of modernization desire of public administration. Considering the nature of the work results, they are recommended to administrative public authorities and Higher Educational Institutions.

The implementation of scientific results can be found in the curriculum subject „Central public administration” to the public administration chair at the Military Academy „Alexandrul cel Bun”, also in the process of initiation, elaboration and development of draft legislation in the Minster of Defense, and in the developing of planned and structural decision-making processes.