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Performance evaluation management team in the textile industry in Republic of Moldova

Author: Guzun Stela
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Leonid Babii
doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent), Moldova State University
Institution: Free International University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 26 January, 2017
Approved by NCAA on the 23 March, 2017


Adobe PDF document1.76 Mb / in romanian


CZU 005.95/.96:334.7 (478) (043.3)

Adobe PDF document 1.82 Mb / in romanian
161 pages


management team, light industry, competitive strategies, self-assessment algorithm, vector, property structure, competitive advantages on the market, mechanisms, efficiency


Structure of the thesis: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 131 titles,162 pages of basic text, 3 figures and 16 tables,4 annexes.

The number of publications on theme of the thesis: The achieved outcomes are published in 9 scientific works, 4,00 c.a..

Field of study: 521.03 Economics and Management in the field of activity.

The aim and the objectives of the thesis: The aim of the thesis is to incentivize scientifically and to elaborate the basic concepts on the creation and the functioning of the management teams, which would be able to improve the management of the modern companies from Republic of Moldova.

The main objectives of the thesis consist in determining the importance of the management teams, the identification and the classification of the most appropriate individual and personal qualities that correspond to them and the behavioral specificity of their members, the accentuation and the analysis of the prerequisites that upholds the creation of the management teams, the elaboration of an analysis on impact of the place and role of the property, of its structure on creation practice of the management teams within companies from light industry.

The novelty and the scientific originality lie in determining the notion of “management team” as an association of managers that possess a set of explicit and implicit, individual and collective knowledge, experience and skills, with shared values and that build a system of general interactions, generally based on relations of reproduction and alienation of their intellectual activity outcomes in respect of creating the added value and the provision of certain competitive advantages of the company, the introduction of three clusters of key-factors that contribute to the development of skills and advantages of the management teams.

The solved scientific problem lies in the identification of the main principles of interaction between the members of the team and the elaboration of their creation and functioning mechanism, fact that confirmed the opportunity of introducing three key-factors groups that contribute to the development of the skills and advantages of the management teams.

The theoretical significance of the work involved a complex methodological approach based on the coherent combination of theoretical argumentation with the practical application of the approaches and proposed recommendations. The theoretical components are presented by well-known researchers and local and foreign economists, dedicated to the studied issue.

The applicative value of the work determined the importance of accentuation of the joint connection between the structure of the property and the development of team management, by forwarding and strengthening the property and the elaboration of the equipment and self-assessment algorithm of the management team.

The implementation of the scientific outcomes. The scientific subjects of the research that stay on the basis of this thesis, the proposals and the conclusions formulated within the symposiums and presented in specialized magazines were considered useful and axiomatic for the elaboration process of the management model by the management of the local enterprises. АННОТАЦИЯ