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Historical and methodological evolution of the paradigms of metaphilosophy

Author: Idjilov Roman
Degree:doctor of philosophy
Speciality: 09.00.03 - History of Philosophy
Scientific adviser: Gheorghe Bobâna
doctor habilitat, professor,
Institution: Institute of History of the ASM


The thesis was presented on the 16 March, 2017
Approved by NCAA on the 31 May, 2017


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CZU 1(043.2)

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183 pages


metaphilosophy, metaphilosophical conception, metaphilosophical discourse, paradigmatic evolution, history of metaphilosophy, disciplinarity, disciplinary metaphilosophy, paradigmatic approach, metaphilosophical paradigm


Thesis structure: introduction, 3 chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 290 titles, 3 annexes, 159 pages of the main text. The results have been published in 14 scientific papers.

Field of study: History of Philosophy, History of Metaphilosophy.

The purpose of thesis is to study the evolution of metaphilosophical conceptions from the point of view of paradigmatic approach in the context of the achieving of disciplinary metaphilosophy.

The research objectives are: the identification of the historical and philosophical premises of the disciplinary metaphilosophy project; the determination and the revaluation of the research methodological strategies for the metaphilosophical problems; the demonstration of logical and methodological relevance of the paradigmatic approach to the history of metaphilosophy; the development of relevant conceptual and theoretical apparatus for the realization of the historical reconstruction of metaphilosophy; the determination of the meaning and significance of the concept of metaphilosophical paradigm; identification and characterization of metaphilosophical paradigms; the description of the hidden correlation between the evolution of philosophy and the metaphilosophical paradigm shifts; the detection and examination of the structure and mechanism of metaphilosophy thinking evolution.

The scientific novelty and originality of the work lies in the historical reorientation of metaphilosophical research as a result of demonstration of the conceptual and historical relativism of metaphilosophical thought which is expressed by historical dominating of metaphilosophical paradigms.

The originality of the historical analysis of the conceptions about the nature and goals of philosophy as a phenomenon, in contrast to the existing set of studies, consists in methodological, conceptual and theoretical adaptation of the paradigmatic approach to reflect the specificity of philosophical thought, which allowed us to study, examine and characterize dominant paradigms throughout the history of metaphilosophy. The application of paradigmatic analysis to the historical reconstruction of metaphilosophy thinking has revealed the mechanism of metaphilosophy paradigms transformation.

The important scientific problem solved in the work resides in the foundation of logical and methodological relevance of the historical approach in general and of the paradigmatic model in particular for the disciplinary metaphilosophical studies, of which the result should be the identification and examination of the historically dominant metaphilosophical paradigms, with the aim of epistemological completion and consolidation of the general process of the affirmation of disciplinary metaphilosophy, which is realized on the basis of an appropriate conceptual and methodological apparatus.

The theoretical significance of the research consists in the delimitation and justification of a new field of research - the history of metaphilosophical thinking, which became possible by the preliminary design of a relevant categorical and methodological apparatus as a basis for further investigations, covering in this sense, the establishment of types and levels of metaphilosophical discourse, as well as the definition and confirmation, on the historical foundation, of the concept of metaphilosophical paradigm.

The practical value of the research consists in the didactical and methodological promoting and development of the metaphilosophical studies. The results of the investigation can be used as teaching support for university courses „History of philosophy”, „Philosophical Propaedeutics”, „Philosophy of science” etc., by offering some complementary explanations with an untapped heuristic potential.

The implementation of scientific results was realized through their examination and approval in the meetings of the Sector of Philosophy and the Thematic Research Seminar of the Institute of History of the ASM. The results of research were presented and discussed at 13 national and international conferences, and also published in 14 scientific papers.