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Foreign trade efficiency at the beginning of the 21 century

Author: Bădărău Elena
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.14 - World Economy; International Economic Relations
Scientific adviser: Alexandru Gribincea
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Free International University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 28 August, 2017
Approved by NCAA on the 11 May, 2018


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CZU 339.5 (478) (043.3)=135.1

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214 pages


foreign trade, investments, innovation-research, international contracts, risks, prices, economic efficiency, electronic trade, informational security


ANNOTATION to the PhD dissertation in economic science “Foreign trade efficiency at the beginning of the 21 century” Bdarau Elena,Chisinau, 2017 The structure of the thesis consists of: introduction, three chapters divided in subchapters, conclusions and recommendations, 126 sources of bibliography, 150 pages of basic texts, 26 figures, 6 charts, 46 formulas, and 16 appendices. The results of the research are in 20 the publications. The key-words: foreign trade, investments, innovation-research, international contracts, risks, prices, economic efficiency, electronic trade, informational security. The field of study of the thesis: 521.02 – Global Economics and International Economic Relations. The aims and objectives of the research impose the identification of the ways of the economic efficiency of the foreign trade relations of the Republic of Moldova on the world market and the elaboration of theoretical-practical recommendations concerning the strong development of these relations, promoting the electronic trade and increasing its efficiency. The main aim of the thesis constitutes the accentuation of the problems appeared in efficiency of foreign trade and the establishment of the directions of development of foreign trade relations by displaying the electronic trade as a way of their development. The originality of scientific research consists in the systemic processing of main contemporary theories concerning foreign trade; the accentuation of the informational technology role in the New Economy; the argumentation of the practice of electronic trade system based on the experience of other countries; the demonstration of the mathematical interpretation pattern of comparative advantage of the firms prospered by the electronic trade opposite the traditional firm; the determination of the main directions of increasing the efficiency of the autochthonous foreign trade; the identification of the developing perspectives of foreign trade in the Republic of Moldova through implementation of e-trade; the proposed new models of systems of recommendation with priorities in concerning the efficiency of the electronic trade; delimitation of primordial actions in elaboration of state politics concerning the insurance of informational security of the Republic of Moldova. The solved scientific problem consists in: the identification of the processes of foreign trade efficiency and the role of electronic trade in the age of globalization , thing that will allow the applicability and economic increase of the Republic of Moldova by using the modern methods in the trade transactions of the country. There are suggested solutions for the actual challenges in the framework of the economical development of the Republic of Moldova. The theoretical signification and the practical value of the research. In the thesis it is offered a scientific methodology with arguments of multilateral analysis of development of the indicators of electronic trade that can be put on the basis of elaboration of some programs, directions, principles of organization and efficient promotion of foreign trade politics of the Republic of Moldova. The suggestions of the author can be used in the process of staff training in foreign trade relations field by institutions of higher education. The implementation of scientific results: some recommendations were implemented in the government industry “The Centre of Informational State resource “Registry”, The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova and by Limited Company “Integra Logistic”.