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CNAA / Theses / 2018 / June /

Early diagnosis of initial chronic marginal periodontitis and measures of prevention of its advacement

Author: Porosencova Tatiana
Degree:doctor of medicine
Speciality: 14.00.21 - Stomatology
Scientific advisers: Valeriu Burlacu
doctor, professor, Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova
Mândra Eugenia Badea
doctor în științe medicale, profesor universitar, Medicina dentară, UMF „Iuliu Hațieganu”, Cluj-Napoca, România
Institution: Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 26 June, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 23 November, 2018


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150 pages


initial chronic marginal periodontitis, salivary biomarkers, probiotics, periodontal microbiota, periodontal epidemiology, diagnosis


The paper is exposed on 141 pages, edited according to the established requirements: Introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 123 titles), 82 pages of basic text, 71 fi gures, 28 tables. The results of the research were reported in 16 scientifi c papers.

Field of study: dentistry Aim and objectives: To assess the periodontal conditions refl ected clinically, biochemical and microbiologically in patients with initial chronic marginal periodontitis, to develop a guidline for management in the general dental practice. Assessment of the knowledge and practical skills of general dental practitioners in the Republic of Moldova in the fi eld of periodontology. Estimation of clinical, microbiological and biochemical salivary manifestations in patients with early chronic marginal periodontitis. Applying additional methods of periodontal treatment. Developing a guideline in the management of initial chronic marginal periodontitis for general dental practice. Novelty and scientifi c originality: Elaboration of diagnostic protocol using PCR tests and salivary biochemical tests for dental clinical practice.

Scientifi c research methodology: Study using clinical trials, microbiology by PCR technique, salivary biochemical tests and oral probiotics.

The scientifi c problem solved in the thesis: The use of biochemical tests, microbiological PCR tests (the polymerase chain reaction), the use of probiotics allows the early dignosis of incipient chronic marginal periodontitis and the prevention of its advancement.

Application value of the study:The use of laboratory tests - biochemical and microbiological, will allow general dental practitioners to better identify patients with incipient destruction or predisposition to periodontal tissue destruction.

Implementation of the scientifi c results: The elaborated diagnostic algorithm of the early lesions of the periodontal tissues was implemented within the dental offi ce SRL „Perfect Clasic Dent”. It was described in the training process at the Chair of Therapeutical Dentistry SUMP „Nicolae Testemitanu”.