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The impact of the world economy megatrends on international and national tourism

Author: Roitman Irina
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.14 - World Economy; International Economic Relations
Scientific adviser: Svetlana-Zorina Şişcan
doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent), Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Institution: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 5 October, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 25 January, 2019


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CZU 339.9: 338.48(043)

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megatrends of world economy, international tourism, tourism of Republic of Moldova, globalization, informatization, localization, regionalization, ecologization


Structure of the Thesis consists of annotation, introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography (180 Titles), 24 figures, 25 tables and 17 annexes. Field of Study: Specialty – 521.02. World Economy; International Economic Relations.

Goal and objectives of the Research. Goal consists in the investigation of the Impact of the key World Economy megatrends upon international and national tourism as well as the defining the essence of the contemporary and future tourism paradigm, and on this basis revealing the perspectives of the Republic of Moldova tourism for its more profound integration in regional and world markets.

Among objectives are: elaboration of theoretical and methodologic research frame; analysis of paradigmatic changes in turism evolution; identification of the modes of the World Economy megatrends impact upon international and national tourism; empirical study for revealing the problematic issues that the turistic firms face with at the R. of Moldova market as well as the elaboration of the respective solutions, and recomendations.

The key Scientific Problem solved consists in highlighting the essence of the contemporary and future tourism paradigm and its substantiation on the basis of the study on evolution of tourism as a form of international economic relations and the impact of World economy megatrends upon tourism, the fact that has resulted in the identification of tourism development modes as sustainable and intelligent, elaboration of recommendations for precising the National Conception on Tourism, perfecting the mechanism of its implementation as well as correlating the strategies for strengthening the competitiveness of tourism at national and international levels.

Originality of Scientific Research consists in the elaboration of the theoretical and methodologic premises for research on the impact of World Economy megatrends upon international and national tourism; identification of the Modes of the Impact; conceptualization of the paradigms in the evolution of tourism, the latter being treated as a form of international economic relations; conduction of some empirical investigations by means of original questionnaires for studyng the qualitative character of demand for and supply of the turistic services at the market of Republic of Moldova in the light of World Economy megatrends; recommendations related to the development of tourism in the Republic of Moldova.

Theoretical Singnificance and Applicative Value are seen in summing up sentences and conclusions deduced on the basis of the research as well as in recommendations elaborated for solving the main problems regarding national tourism development figured out in the thesis.

Implementation of Scientific Research Outcomes has been undertaken by the Agency of Tourism of the Republic of Moldova as well as by the Voyage Agency “Racurs-Tour” of the “Racurs Group” LLC.