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Flute in chamber instrumental music by composers from the Republic of Moldova in the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries

Author: Gusarova Anastasia
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.01 - Audio-visual Arts (with specification: Theatrical Art; Musical Art; Cinematography, TV and other form of Audio-Visual Arts)
Scientific adviser: Elena Mironenco
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts
Institution: Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts


The thesis was presented on the 2 October, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 25 January, 2019


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CZU 785.7:780.641.072.3(478)„19/20”(043.3)

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180 pages


flute, flute repertoire, composers from the Republic of Moldova, genre, composition techniques, peculiarities of performance interpretation, new methods of sound production


Structure of the thesis: introduction, 4 chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography consisting of 219 titles, 153 pages of basic text, two appendices.

Area of research: chamber instrumental works by composers from the Republic of Moldova in the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries.

The purpose of research consists in a complex analysis of flute compositions of different genres as regards musicological and performance aspects.

The objectives of the research are: to denote the pre-conditions of flute repertoire forming in musical culture; to work out a methodological base concerning flute art problems in scientific literature; to study genre and style peculiarities of compositions; to reveal specific features of performance interpretation; to offer own performing recommendations; to demonstrate contribution of flute compositions to enrichment of national concert repertoire.

Scientific novelty and originality: for the first time in Moldovan musicology a research dedicated to opuses for flute of different genre and type of ensemble from the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries was written. A number of compositions, including those held as manuscripts, are examined for the first time. Performing recommendations for every composition have been formulated for the first time.

The scientific problem solved in the thesis consists in forming a holistic view of development of chamber-instrumental compositions with participation of flute in the composers’ creation from the Republic of Moldova in the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries, which significantly expands and enriches the picture of their artistic value and importance in national musical culture.

Theoretical importance: the study of national flute repertoire contributes greatly to the comprehension of the evolution of chamber instrumental creation of national composers, which noticeably widens repertoire and artistic possibilities of performing culture as a whole in the Republic of Moldova. The theses materials can provide the basis for further musicological investigations in the field.

Practical significance: the thesis results can be used in the teaching process of the following disciplines: Instrument (Flute), Chamber Ensemble, Wind Instruments Ensemble, Artistic Practice, History of Performing Art, Teaching Methods of Discipline “Speciality”, Musical Forms, History of National Music, Methods and Principles of Interpretative Analyses, Methods of Music Analyses. The research data can be of practical help both for students and teachers from the music institutions, as well as for flute performers.

Implementation of the scientific results: the research results have been approved at 10 international scientific-practical conferences in the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation, in 10 published scientific articles as well as in teaching and concert practice of the author of the theses.