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Interaction of procedural subjects regarding criminal matters investigation

Author: Oganesean Armen
Degree:doctor of law
Speciality: 12.00.08 - Criminal Law (with specification: Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminalistics, Judicial Expertise, Executional Law; Theory of The Operative - Investigation Activity)
Scientific adviser: Mihai Gheorghiţă
doctor habilitat, professor, Free International University of Moldova
Institution: Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova


Term of presenting of the thesis 17 April, 2021


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CZU 343.13(043.3)

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218 pages


interaction, cooperation, criminal proceeding, criminal investigation body of law, investigator, prosecution, prosecutor, special investigation measures


The structure of thesis: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 225 titles, 164 pages of basic text. The results obtained during the scientific research were published in 16 papers.

Research field: Criminal procedure law. Criminalistics.

Thesis purposes and objectives: the main thesis purpose is realization of complex investigation in the legal and theoretical field, both evaluation of practical efficiency of doctrinal recommendations and legal norms regarding interaction institution.

PhD thesis regardssuch objectives as: investigation of theoretical concepts, examination of interaction between different law enforcement units; its significance and practical applicability in criminal proceedings; study of legislation and international acts in this sphere; definition and identification of knowledge, in the field of interaction during the crime investigations, which can bring for practitioners a deep understanding of practical aspects of activity of other bodies of law and enhance cooperation in their practice; analyse of law gaps and identification of proposals regarding practical interaction improvement. The main objectives of thesis also are: to define the interaction regarding crimes investigation concept; to determine principles, mechanisms, general and special conditions of interaction, to investigate importance of the interaction in national criminal procedure; to establish the concept of interaction in criminal proceedings; to analyze the dynamics and practical conditions of its application; to determine the peculiarities of interaction application by different participants of criminal proceedings; to elaborate practical recommendations and lex ferenda proposals which could be useful for justice sector.

The scientific novelty and originality of research: for the first time by that research we realised a study of theoretical and legislative aspects of interaction regarding crimes investigation problem. IThe thesis contains conclusions and recommendations which can provide a scientific basis for legislative reforms. PhD thesis contribute for development of national crime’s investigations activity and practical criminalistic’s institutions in accordance to interaction of procedural subjects.

The results which will contribute to resolvation of an important scientific problem:conceptual definition of scientific problems and major solutions of interactions issues of all bodies of law and special enforcement units regarding crimes investigation, was realized during research in combination with analyse of legal aspects of this activity. It is of an invaluable practical importance for law units from the Republic of Moldova.

Theoretical significance of the thesis: this thesis studies most important legal, doctrinal and practical problems within interaction regarding crimes investigation. Also, the study is an important theoretical source for practical activity and a ground for new studies in the sphere of efficient investigations in criminal proceedings.

Applied value of the thesis: all conclusions and recommendations realized during the research and confirmed in the thesis represents a major value for practitioners who have to deal with crimes investigation in the Republic of Moldova. It should make their activity more efficient in the criminal matters prosecution sphere.