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CNAA / Theses / 2021 / May /

Componistic valorisation of modern Romanian poetry

Author: Gamurari Pavel
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.01 - Audio-visual Arts (with specification: Theatrical Art; Musical Art; Cinematography, TV and other form of Audio-Visual Arts)
Scientific adviser: Irina Ciobanu-Suhomlin
doctor, professor, Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts
Institution: Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts


The thesis was presented on the 14 May, 2021
Approved by NCAA on the 30 July, 2021


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CZU 78.04:821.135.1.0(043.3)

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96 pages


contemporary music, Romanian poetry, Nichita Stănescu, vocal-symphonic cycle, vocal lyric, compositional technique, declamation, vocal techniques


Gamurari Pavel. Componistic valorisation of modern Romanian poetry. A thesis for Ph. D. degree in Arts, speciality 653.01 – Musicology (creation). Chișinău, 2021. Structure of the thesis: The thesis includes: introduction, 3 chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography with 108 titles, 76 basic text pages. Research materials are reflected in 6 scientific papers. Keywords: contemporary music, Romanian poetry, Nichita Stănescu, vocal-symphonic cycle, vocal lyric, compositional technique, declamation, vocal techniques. Area of research: history of national music, history and theory of contemporary musical composition. Purpose and objectives of the thesis: The purpose of the study consists in the analysis of the modalities of compositional approaching of the contemporary Romanian poetry and their capitalization through own vision of creation in a work of vocal-symphonic genre on the lyrics of Nichita Stănescu. The objectives of the research: elucidation of the musical achievements obtained within the different currents, genres and styles of compositional creation based on the work of contemporary Romanian poets; highlighting and characterizing the conceptual moments, themes, imagistic spheres, language elements and other ways of rendering the poetic message in Romanian academic music; punctuating the essential features of stylistics, Stănescian poetic language, themes and determining poetic landmarks as a source of inspiration for composers; the analysis of his own vocal-symphonic work written within the professional doctoral project, the theoretical synthesis of the compositional experience of approaching the work of the Romanian poet of the 20th century Nichita Stănescu. The scientific novelty and originality of this research. The thesis represents a first approach in the Moldovan composition of Nichita Stănescu's poetry, realized within the creative project that completes the national repertoire of the Romanian musical-poetic space; for the first time in a doctoral thesis were researched the musical compositional techniques with reference to the vocalsymphonic cycle Eu sunt Tu, combined with the theoretical course about the creative process, and reflected in the musicological analysis of the score; a comprehensive historical-theoretical approach was used in the thesis, making it possible to study one's own vocal-symphonic work in the broad context of the interpretation of Romanian poetry in modern academic music. Practical significance of the work consists in widening the sphere of contemporary compositional visions on Nichita Stănescu's poetic legacy by creating the cycle Eu sunt Tu for mezzo-soprano, baritone, declamator and symphony orchestra, which will complete the national vocal-symphonic repertoire and is a unique contribution to Stanescu's poetry in Moldovan academic music. The thesis can be recommended as a teaching material in the disciplinary studies Musical Composition, Modern Compositional Techniques, History of National Music and can serve as a support for further research in the field. Implementation of scientific results. The thesis was realized within The Arts Studies and Culturology Doctoral School from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts of the Republic of Moldova being discussed and recommended for defence by the Guidance Commission and by the Scientific Council of the Academy. Research materials have been submitted for national and international scientific conferences and published in 8 scientific papers – 6 articles and 2 summaries.