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Risk management evaluation of infrastructure projects within the publicprivate partnership in the Republic of Moldova

Author: Călugăreanu Irina
Degree:doctor habilitat of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Ion Paladi
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Institution: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 28 April, 2022
Approved by NCAA on the 1 July, 2022


Adobe PDF document1.72 Mb / in romanian


CZU 005.8:338.49(478)(043)

Adobe PDF document 5.46 Mb / in romanian
409 pages


management, public-private partnership, project, infrastructure project, risk management, infrastructure, contract, efficiency, methodology, algorithm, economic development, risk mitigation, strategies


Thesis structure: introduction, five chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 310 references, 14 annexes, 275 pages of basic text, 45 figures and 52 tables.

The results are published in more than 37 scientific papers.

The purpose of the paperis to develop the mechanism for complex risk management within the PPP infrastructure projects of the Republic of Moldova.

The objectives of the research are: to conceptualize PPP management in the context of infrastructure projects; to examine in system the architecture of project management procedures and risk management of infrastructure projects within the PPP for the ideological methodological evaluation of the performance of PPP projects; to identify ways to apply risk management by determining the content, classification, qualitative and quantitative methods of assessment and subsequent mitigation strategies; to analyse the regulatory valences of the PPP and to identify the deficiencies of the primary and secondary legal framework regarding the implementation of the PPP in the Republic of Moldova for the determination of the legal mechanisms regarding the risk management of the infrastructure projects within the PPP; to conduct an econometric study on the impact of PPP on the economic development index in the Republic of Moldova; to elaborate a risk assessment mechanism for infrastructure projects within the PPP of the Republic of Moldova which contains the algorithm for analyzing and concretizing the risk spectrum of the infrastructure projects within the PPP in the Republic of Moldova.

The scientific novelty results from the combination of theoretical and empirical knowledge requirements in the form of complementing national views on PPPs, management and risk management procedures of PPPs infrastructure projects, that will allow the advancement of the research aimed at expanding and highlighting heuristic capabilities of the ”Risk management of infrastructure projects within PPP ”as a separate direction of research in managerial science.

The obtained results. lies in the fact that for the first time, in the Republic of Moldova, the issue of PPP is treated in a generic way, making conceptual clarifications regarding the definition of PPP, PPPs models and forms, distinctive features, advantages and risks of implementation, and elaboration of recommendations addressed to central and local public authorities. They will facilitate the decision-making process on risk management of PPPs infrastructure projects and the regular and proactive monitoring of the effectiveness of these projects.

Theoretical significance of the research denotes the proposal of the elements of improvement of the scientific apparatus, of the theoretical and methodological tools with new directions of evaluation and mitigation of the risks in the management of the infrastructure projects within the PPP, to increase the efficiency of the PPP and diminish the degree of influence on the projects. PPP ”.

The applicative value of the paper. The substantial results of the research can be used to develop and implement specific PPP projects, while improving the existing system of interaction between public and private parteners; improving the measures for increasing the investment potential and using the PPP risk management evaluation mechanism.

The implementation of the scientific results has been carried out within the framework of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure (Implementing Act no. 06 / 1-433 of 28.01.2021), the Public Property Agency (Certificate no. 09-06-129 of 12.01.2021), as well as within the District Council Dubăsari (Certificate no.01 of 07.12.2020), Nisporeni (Certificate no.01 of 04.01.2021), Căușeni (Certificat no.361/12 of 2.05.2021), Basarabeasca (Certificate no.02/146 of 25.05.2021).