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The thesis consists of introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations

Author: Burduja Daniela
Degree:doctor of geography
Speciality: 11.00.02 - Economic, Social and Political Geography
Scientific adviser: Petru Bacal
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Institution: Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 17 February, 2023 at the meeting of the Scientific Council and now it is under consideration of the National Council.


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CZU 556:332.1(478)(043.2)

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263 pages


water resources, abstraction, use, management, regions, river basins


Structure of the thesis: The thesis consists of introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 233 titles, 41 annexes, 161 pages of basic text, 52 figures, 18 tables. The results obtained from research on the topic of the thesis were published in 33 scientific works.

The purpose of the study: The complex economic-geographic assessment of the exploitation and management of the water resources of the Republic of Moldova.

Objectives: 1. Creation of informational and methodological support for the economic-geographic assessment of the exploitation and management of water resources; 2. Evaluation of surface and underground water resources in a national, regional and basin profile; 3. Spatial (by administrative and hydrographic units) and branch analysis of the capture and use of water resources; 4. Appreciation of the current water resource management mechanism and its main components; 5. Elaboration of recommendations for the sustainable use and more efficient management of water resources.

Scientific novelty and originality: Was carried out a comprehensive and interdisciplinary study on the use and management of water resources of the Republic of Moldova, including a complex spatial analysis (regional and basin) of water abstraction and use, as well as the main instruments of the water resources management mechanism.

The result obtained consists in a complex economic-geographical assessment of the use and management of water resources of the Republic of Moldova in the current conditions of long socio-economic transition and intensification of climate change. The main trends of water use by source and use categories were assessed. The main shortcomings of the information system, the operation of water catchment and use systems and the application of the water management mechanism were identified, and recommendations to prevent and mitigate these shortcomings were proposed.

Theoretical significance: The thesis is an interdisciplinary study, based on a complex assessment of water resources and their current use and management features in regional and basin profile. This work will contribute significantly to the updating and deepening of the local economic-geographical studies and the geography of natural resources in the Republic of Moldova.

Application value: Research results can be used in the development of hydrographic District and Basin Management Plans, Regional Sector Programmes and Local Water Supply Action Plans. The results and database of this work can be very useful in the preparation of water supply progress reports, including policy documents on sustainable water resources development in the context of climate and socio-economic change.

Implementation of scientific results: Institutional projects "Study of the impact of economic activities of the Central Development Region in order to protect the natural potential for ensuring sustainable development" (2016-2019) and "Assessment of the stability of urban and rural ecosystems for ensuring sustainable development" (2020-2022) carried out in the framework of the Institute of Ecology and Geography, as well as in the Project "Social and environmental impact study of the Dniester Hydropower Complex", funded by the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova and implemented by UNDP Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Environment (2020-2021). Also, scientific results obtained in the PhD thesis are confirmed by Implementation Acts at North RDA and Central RDA.

Approval of scientific results: The main results of the scientific research obtained in this PhD project have been approved at numerous national and international scientific events, among which we mention: International Symposium "Present Environment and Sustainable Developmentˮ, UAIC, Iași (2017-2022); International Geographic Seminar "D. Cantemir", UAIC, Iasi (2019, 2021); International Symposium "Geographic Information Systems", UAIC, Iasi, 2018, UST, Chisinau (2021); Scientific Symposium of Young Researchers, ASEM, Chisinau, (2016, 2018, 2019); Conference "Competitiveness and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy", ASEM, Chisinau, 2018; Conference "Environment and Sustainable Development", UST, Chisinau, 2020; Scientific Conference "Science in the North of the Republic of Moldova: Achievements, Problems, Perspectives", Northern Branch of the ASM, Balti, (2019-2022). Also, thesis results are exposed in more than 30 scientific publications, including 5 indexed in Web of Science journals.