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Dicusar Alexandru, doctor habilitat, professorDicusar Alexandru, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Applied Physics of the
Adviser Number:25 December, 2005, nr.689
Specialties: 02.00.05 - Electrochemistry

Approved theses [6]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D “Organization and self-organization of the research, development and innovation system in the Republic of Moldova. Synergetic aspects 08.00.05 National Institute For Ec... consultant
Rotaru (decedat) Anatol
Catan Petru
D Technology of obtaining strengthening nanostructured electrospark coatings on aluminum alloys and their use in the repair of machine parts 05.16.06 Institute of Applied Phys... adviser 28.12.2016
D Induced codeposition of nanocrystalline Co-W coatings and their mechanical properties 02.00.05 Institute of Applied Phys... adviser 09.10.2012
D Electrochemical Formation of Wear-Resistance Iron Composition with High-Strength Microparticles. 02.00.05 Institute of Applied Phys... adviser 31.03.2011
D Termokinetics processes at electrodeposition of chromium and alloys Co-W 02.00.05 adviser 19.04.2007
D Pulse Anodic Dissolution of Macroscopically Non-uniform Surface with Artificial Insulation 02.00.05 adviser 23.12.2004