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Stepanov Veaceslav, doctor habilitat, professorStepanov Veaceslav, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Cultures Patrimony of the ASM
Adviser Number:1 January, 2005, nr.882
Specialties: 07.00.07 - Ethnology, Cultural and Historical Anthropology

Approved theses [3]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Traditional House of Old-believers of the Prut-Dniester Interfluve and the Left Bank of the Dniester (XIX – early XXI centuries) 07.00.07 Institute of Cultures Pat... adviser 15.11.2012
D Ethnic identity and its formation at children and adolescents from the schools of mun. Chisinau with Russian as teaching language 07.00.07 Institute of Cultures Pat... adviser 23.05.2012
D The problem of preservation and development of younger generation Bulgarians of the Republic of Moldova ethnic identity today (at the present stage) 07.00.07 Institute of Cultures Pat... adviser 24.02.2011