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Moşneaga Valeriu, doctor habilitat, professorMoşneaga Valeriu, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Moldova State University
Adviser Number:5 October, 2011, nr.1296
Specialties: 23.00.04 - Theory and History of International Relations and Global Development
23.00.01 - Theory, Methodology and History of Political Sciences; Political Institutions and Processes

Thesis under consideration [1]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D Anti-trafficking policy: case study of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union 23.00.01 USM adviser 24.06.2021

Approved theses [11]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
DH The socio-political aspects of the formation and development of civil society in the Republic of Moldova: institutional and human dimension 23.00.01 USM adviser 06.12.2019
D The role of civil society institutions on local community development. Case of the Republic of Moldova 23.00.01 USM adviser 15.03.2019
DH Political PR management in electoral campaigns 23.00.01 USM consultant 31.05.2017
D Labor migration policies in relations of the Republic of Moldova with the European Union 23.00.01 USM adviser 06.10.2016
D The Political relationship of Autonomous Territorial Unit of Găgăuzia (Gagauz Yeri) with the central authorities of the Republic of Moldova: realities and prospects 23.00.01 USM adviser 22.12.2011
D Political dimensions of the еuropean integration process (the case of the Republic of Moldova) 23.00.01 adviser 05.11.2009
D Public administration reform in the Republic of Moldova in the context of european integration 23.00.01 adviser 23.10.2008
DH Politici sociale practice în sfera muncii din Republica Moldova în condiţiile globalizării(analiză politologică) 23.00.01 consultant 20.09.2007
D Institutionalization of political parties in Republic of Moldova: interdisciplinary study 23.00.01 adviser 27.10.2005
D National minority of the Republic of Moldova: state and problems of the integrations (political analysis) 23.00.01 adviser 23.06.2005
D Belaruso-Moldavian relations: stare and trends of development (politological analysis) 23.00.01 adviser 27.01.2005