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Theses – Technical University of Moldova

Under consideration of the National Council [8]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Optimizing the technology and quality characteristics of local wine vinegarengineering 04.11.2022
05.18.01 - Technology of food products (with specification of products and procedures)
D Non-planar nanomaterials and heterojunctions based on semiconducting oxidesengineering 01.07.2022
05.27.03 - Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics
D The process of drying grape seeds in suspended layerengineering 24.06.2022
05.18.12 - Food industry processes and equipment
D Stabilization of vegetable oils with biologically active compounds from renewable sourcesengineering 17.06.2022
05.18.03 - Technology of storage and processing of vegetable products
D The elimination of stick effect between metallic and non-metallic surfaces using graphite pelliclesengineering 27.05.2022
05.03.01 - Procedures and equipment for mechanical and physical - technical working (according to branches)
D Constructive and functional optimization of helical vertical axis wind rotors with the aim of increasing the wind energy conversion efficiencyengineering 26.05.2022
05.02.08 - Manufacturing engineering
D Development of the methodological framework of real estate expropriation in the Republic of Moldovaeconomics 26.05.2022
08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
D Advanced technologies in biological wastewater treatment plantsengineering 24.09.2021
05.23.04 - Water Supply, Sewerage System Construction, Water Resources Protection Systems