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Theses – Technical University of Moldova

Under consideration of the National Council [6]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Formation thin oxide pellicles on the metal surfaces of iron, copper, aluminum and titanium alloys, by applying electrical discharges in impulseengineering 23.01.2015
05.03.05 - Technology and equipment for pressure working
D Vibro acoustic research of planetary precesional transmissionsengineering 23.01.2015
05.02.08 - Manufacturing engineering
D Contributions to research planetary precessional multipliers gear boxengineering 22.01.2015
05.02.08 - Manufacturing engineering
D ontributions to research of the working body of micro hydropower plantsengineering 22.01.2015
05.02.08 - Manufacturing engineering
D Methods and tools for specifying concurrency in software architectureengineering 12.12.2014
01.05.03 - Information technologies
D Algorithms for Synthesis of Controllers to the Objects with Inertia and Time Delay on the Maximum Stability Degree Criterionphysics and mathematics 28.11.2014
01.05.04 - Mathematical modelling, mathematical methods, software