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Social factors’ role in the development of the rural communities in the Republic of Moldova

Author: Pistrinciuc Vadim
Degree:doctor of sociology
Speciality: 22.00.04 - Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes
Scientific adviser: Maria Bulgaru
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 10 April, 2009
Approved by NCAA on the 1 October, 2009


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development, community development, sustainable development, social capital, community participation, social and civic solidarity, community, collectivism, leadership, strategic policies, community partnership, institutional performance, civic engagement etc.


The present doctoral thesis represents a complex interdisciplinary sociological investigation which explores the role of social factors in the development of rural communities in the Republic of Moldova. The paper is based on national and western theoretical and conceptual sources. The empirical ground of the paper includes local and national sociological studies conducted by the author.

The Introduction to justifies the argumentation of the topic, determines the basis of the investigation, presents the subject and object of the research, states the purpose and objectives investigation, and states the scientific innovation and applicative values brought by the research. Also this chapter indicates the volume and the structure of the thesis.

Chapter I The conceptual demarcations of community development, explores the conceptual issues of community development together with the complementary notions: such as rural development, sustainable development, social and human development. Also in this chapter the role of social capital in community development in the Republic of Moldova is analyzed.

In Chapter II Social problems of the community development and organizing, the thesis examines the socio-economic processes that influence the development capacity of the rural settlements and identifies the institutional and social constraints in capacity building for development.

In Chapter III Straightening models of the rural communities development efforts in the Republic of Moldova, the paper elucidates the role of social factors in building the community wealth, considers the importance of social and inter-institutional partnerships in the development of rural communities in the country.

Based on theoretical analysis and empirical findings a number of recommendations for promoting social factors that facilitate the development of rural communities in Moldova have been made.