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Instruirea asistată de calculator – în baza programului expert de pregătire sportivă a echipelor de handbal feminin

Author: Balint Elena
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific adviser: Teodor Grimalschi
doctor, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 29 November, 2004
Approved by NCAA on the 24 February, 2005


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informational technology, programmed educational, modern educational methods, the computer / a modern tool of communication, computerised education, specialised system, specialised training programmes, computerised intelligent training, women handball


Computer science applications in the educational field through use of computer as a technical means of teaching and learning come together under the term of “computer-assisted instruction” (CAI). The meaning of this is that computers are employed as a device used to organize the teaching environment controlled by the teacher.

Our research ranges among experiments relating to applications of modern teaching technologies as represented by the use of CAI within the training process in the field of sports. The contemplated teaching approach was put into practice in three stages: a pilot experiment (1997-1998), a validation experiment (1998-1999) and a control experiment (2001-2002). During the above-mentioned periods of time an “Expert Program for Coaching Female Handball Teams” was conceived and carried out through implementation into the general training strategy of “Rulmentul” team Brasov, a competitor within Romania’s Female Handball National League.

The program is a menu-type application including the following main menus: “The Team”, “Training and Competition”, “Recorded Facts – Analysis – Assessment”, “Archives” and “Instructions for Use”. Each of these menus opens a “line of menus” through the agency of which the user can selectively access the functions that are specific to the activated program sequences assisting the various units of motile learning.

The values of indicators reporting statistical significance, obtained by processing a number of parameters specific to the handball game, acknowledge the accuracy of the technology employed in our research based upon computer-aided instruction in the province of sports.