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Physiotherapy in obesity of young school-age students

Author: Corman Mariana
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific adviser: Aurica Zavalişca
doctor, associate professor (docent), The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Institution: The State University of Physical Education and Sports


The thesis was presented on the 28 October, 2022 at the meeting of the Scientific Council and now it is under consideration of the National Council.


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CZU 615.825:612.3(053.2)+613.2(043.3)

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159 pages


obesity, primary school students, physical education, physical therapy, pedagogical model


Thesis structure: The paper includes annotations in Romanian, Russian and English, the list of abbreviations, introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography (268 sources), 10 annexes, 121 pages of basic text, 29 figures, 16 tables. The results are published in 7 scientific papers.

The purpose of the paper: Foundation of the methodology for increasing the effectiveness of the physical education lesson and improving the recovery process of obese primary school students.

Research objectives: Studying the prevalence of obesity among school-age children, based on the results of their own epidemiological study and comparing these data with the data of official statistics in the country and abroad; Studying the problem of correcting excess weight in children of small school age and analyzing theoretical and methodological approaches for its solution; Evaluation of the level of physical development and motor training of obese primary school students; Elaboration, implementation and argumentation of the effectiveness of the Experimental Model, adapted for the recovery of second grade students with first and second degree obesity, aimed at improving their health and normalizing their body weight.

The novelty and the scientific originality: for the first time in our country, an experimental model of physical education was developed and applied, adapted for the rehabilitation of children of primary school age with obesity. In this model, general developmental exercises (provided by the school curriculum), exercises for posture correction in combination with breathing exercises (which are prescribed in the kinetotherapy program, taking into account the specifics of obesity in children) were used, which contributed to strengthening their health and normalizing body weight.

The obtained results that contribute to the solution of an important scientific problem: The results obtained in the thesis demonstrate, from a scientific and methodological point of view, the necessity and effectiveness of using the means of physical therapy in the physical education lesson with obese primary school students. The application of the proposed experimental model made it possible to normalize the function of the cardio-respiratory system, optimize general motor skills and improve the health of the children included in the study.

Theoretical significance: consists in expanding the area of knowledge of the theoretical-methodical concepts regarding the organization and conduct of physical education lessons in primary classes with obese students in order to strengthen and preserve the health of the growing population.

The applicative value: results from the possibility of using the research results in order to optimize the general motor skills and body functionality of obese students in physical education lessons. The methodological benchmarks can be used in the process of developing didactic projects for the physical education lesson in primary education by physical education teachers and in the development of physical therapy programs for the recovery of obese children.

Implementation of the scientific results: The experimental content of the research program was applied in order to strengthen health and normalize body mass index (BMI) in obese students of young school age and was implemented in physical education lessons in Public Institutions: the Theoretical High School ―Minerva‖ and Theoretical High School ―Pro Succes‖ in Chisinau, which is confirmed by the implementation certificates.