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CNAA / Theses / 2006 / June /

Strategies of traumatism recuperation in karate-do Shotokan

Author: Mircea Slăvilă
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific adviser: Viorel Dorgan
doctor habilitat, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Scientific consultant: Sergiu (decedat) Pintilei
doctor, associate professor (docent), The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 27 June, 2006
Approved by NCAA on the 28 September, 2006


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CZU 796.853.26:615.8

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290 pages


sporting training, karate-ka, traumatism, physical and psycho-pedagogical recuperation , kinesistherapy, relaxation and autosuggestion


The thesis "Strategies of traumatism recuperation in Karate-do Shotokan" is meant to perfect the recuperation process by theoretical and experimental argumentation of a prevention program of macro-trauma which occur during the trainings of Karate-do Shotokan.

The previous research proves that most sporting accidents in Karate-do Shotokan affect the elbow area , the knee area and the ankle area by producing a wrench. The most effective way of recuperation is the one through physical methods (medical rehabilitation and massage).The suggested and proved alternative by this research is to test the sportsmen by using the two psychological tests of tracking down stress and depression, the substitution of some of the terms and exercises from kinesitherapy with the ones from Karate-do Shotokan, the association of the physical methods (medical rehabilitation, massage) with the psycho-pedagogical methods (relaxation, autosuggestion ) and the implementation of a scientific alimentation.

Applying this experimental method suggested contributed to the raise of the recuperation percentage, to the diminution of the number of days allocated to the rehabilitation and to the assimilation of some exercises which improved the physical and psychic tonus.

The research results can be used in the rehabilitation process of all sporting who suffered an accident.