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The Role of non-governmental organizations in the realization of social politics of Republic of Moldova.

Author: Horozov Serghei
Degree:doctor of sociology
Speciality: 22.00.04 - Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes
Scientific adviser: Vladimir Blajco
doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent), Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 15 December, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 16 February, 2017


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CZU 316.334: 061.2 (478) (043.3)

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non-governmental organizations (NGO), the third sector, social policy, civil society, social organizations, state, business structures


PhD Thesis on competition of an academic degree of the doctor in sociology in the specialty 541.02 – Social Structure, Institutions and Social Processes. Chisinau, 2016.

Structure: an Introduction, four Chapters, Conclusions and Recommendations, the list of abbreviations, Bibliography of 226 titles, 149 pages of main text and 6 Annexes, 12 Figures and 16 Tables.

Field of Study: Social Structure, Institutions and Social Processes.

Research Goal: to analyse activity of nongovernmental organizations of Moldova and to identify the ways of optimization their efficiency in the realization of social policy in the conditions of a transformed Moldovan society.

Research Objectives: to develop theoretical and methodological approaches of research of NGO role in realization of social policy based on scientifically justified categorical framework. To elicit some specific features of the process of formation and development of NGO in the Republic of Moldova in modern times. To analyse the main lines of activity, tendencies and prospects of development of the Moldovan NGO in realization of social policy. To define the level of awareness, engagement and trust of population concerning NGO. To define the mechanisms of interaction of NGO with another social institutions in the realization of the social policy. To elicit some specific features of development of the regional NGO and their impact upon realization of the social policy objectives. To develop some recommendations for NGO, for the state structures of different level with the purpose of strengthening of capacity of the Moldavian NGO and their effective interaction in the realization of problems of social policy.

Scientific problem solved. A complex analysis of Moldovan NGO activity is carried out, defining their role in the realization of social policy objectives in correlation with other social institutions.

Scientific novelty and originality of the work: development of some new theoretical and methodological approaches of research of NGO role in realization of social policy in the modern Moldovan society; specification and justification of the main indicators of their activity assessment under regional conditions; studying of the main tendencies of NGO development; definition of some effective ways to enhance their role in the social policy.

Theoretical Noteworthiness consistsin the fact, that the obtained results complete and concretise the scientific knowledge of NGO activity and other social institutions in social policy realization.

Practical Value of the work: The materials of PhD research present the scientifically justified recommendations for NGOs, governmental bodies for the effective realization of the social policy objectives in Moldova, as well as the means of influence upon this process. The practical value consists in applying the knowledge about NGO activity during the process of high education.

The Implementation of Research Results: The research results are applied by the author during the teaching of the following courses: “Sociology” and “Methodology of sociological research” in 2008-2016 at Comrat and Taraclia State Universities of Moldova; the activity of NGOs “Institution of Democracy”, “LADOM”, “Juridical Clinic Comrat”.