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Technology and technical means of production and using of biofuels based on monohydric alcohols

Author: Cerempei Valerian
Degree:doctor habilitat of engineering
Speciality: 05.20.01 - Agricultural Engineering
Scientific consultant: Ion Hăbăşescu
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Agricultural Technics "Mecagro"
Institution: Institute of Agricultural Technics "Mecagro"


The thesis was presented on the 16 December, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 16 February, 2017


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CZU 631.3;620.952

Adobe PDF document 8.80 Mb / in romanian
239 pages


Technology, Technical means, Harvesting, Processing, Sweet sorghum, Ethanol, Butanol, Dosage, Eco-gasoline, Spark ignition engines


Thesis of PhD in technique, Chisinau, 2016.The work consistsof introduction, 6 chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 217 titles, annexes 89, 224 pages (up to bibliography), figures 84, 29 tables. The results obtained are published in 99 scientific works.

Field of study – technique. The thesis purpose is comprehensive and efficent exploitation of biomass energy potential by developing technology and technical means of production and using of biofuels based on monatomic alcohols. Thesis objectives: analysis of the current state according to the production and using monatomic alcohols to supply SI engines; technology development and technical means for harvesting and processing of the sweet sorghum; technical-experimental argument of eco-gasoline constitution; quality research of elaborated technical means and engines powered by biofuels; estimating the economical effects and development the practical recommendations.

Scientific novelty and originality consists of: developing of some original mathematical and physical models, which adequately describe the function of vindrover of rotor type, the roller presses, installations of dosage of liquid biofuels components and MAS fueled with monatomic alcohol petrol mixtures; experimental argumentation of biofuels composition that ensures the optimal condition of the burning of the fuel; new technical solutions for harvesting and processing of sweet sorghum, preparation of fueled mixtures that are protected with 21 Patents.

Theoretical value consist in methodology developing of complex research referring to: exploitation of biomass energy potential based on physical and mathematical models; description the officials working bodies during harvesting and processing the vegetable mass used for juice squeezing, the dosing liquid components of alcohol-gasoline mixtures and their combustion in SI engines.

The practical value is identified: scientifically and technical solutions used in the design and used in the elaboration process, manufacture, testing the experimental samples of combine harvester and technological lines of process the sweet sorghum and facilities for the preparation of the liquid biofuels; a monography, technical prescription, three company standards and developed practical recommendations based on the data from this work.