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Improving energy efficiency management in the enterprises from the food industry of Republic of Moldova

Author: Gribincea Corina
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Alexandru Stratan
doctor habilitat, professor, National Institute For Economic Research
Institution: National Institute For Economic Research


The thesis was presented on the 20 April, 2017
Approved by NCAA on the 31 May, 2017


Adobe PDF document2.63 Mb / in romanian


CZU 658.26:664 (478)

Adobe PDF document 6.27 Mb / in romanian
219 pages


economy, enterprises, energy management, energy efficiency, food industry, set of indicators, energy consumption, energy systems and models


The thesis is structured with introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, 196 bibliography of references, 16 annexes, 146 basic text pages, 50 figures, 19 tables. The obtained results are published in 16 scientific papers.

The thesis’ subjectof research is the food industry from the efficient energy management perspective.

The purpose and objectives of the work underlie in the study of scientific and practical aspects of effective energy management of enterprises from the food industry.

The objectives of the research are directed on revealing theoretical and methodological bases of energy management in enterprises from the food industry; experience analysis from the field; developing elements of an effective decision system aimed to implement energy management and use patterns.

The topicality and the scientific originality consist in the development of theoretical and methodological elements for implementing energy management system in the food industry that lies in: 1. synthesizing the essence and evolution of economic concepts in energy management and energy efficiency systems for policy management to streamline and enhance the competitiveness of energy in the food industry; 2. identifying prospects for application of models and energy management systems in the food industry of Moldova, including the analysis of international and national practice; 3. argumentation, structuring, testing, adaptation and use of technical and conceptual management tools with innovation elements in energy management within the food industry; 4. develop new technical solutions to solve the issue of reducing energy consumption and its environmental impact in the food industry infrastructure; 5. formulation of management recommendations for improving energy efficiency in the food industry by identifying and evaluating motivational factors, forecasting and efficient measurement system; 6. justification of energy performance in the food industry by applying modular system of management efficiency implementation.

The scientific value of the research is attested by the rationalization and improvement of energy management models and systems of food industry based on modular approach, as well as on logistical subsystems by designing and developing a device for efficient use of energy resources and energy potential, as evidenced by a patent application.

The important scientific problem solved is the foundation of scientific and methodological processes and tools for efficient energy management in the food industry, which determined the reconsideration of the energy efficiency management model in SMEs, to create methodological basis for promoting the international competitive standards.

The theoretical importance of the thesis consists in the foundation of the theoretical and methodological elements of effective energy management in enterprises of the food industry by developing methodologies of food energy management system.

The applicative value of the work consists in the implementation of the results of the investigation into the practice of energy management in the food industry and public approval of the results, reflected in scientific journals, presentations at scientific conferences in the country and abroad, patent, certificate of innovation and silver medal at the international exhibition (Iasi, Romania 2016) and implementing acts.

Implementation of scientific results. Scientific results have been implemented by RAE, I.E. „Dociu E.P”., „Hideco” JSC, „Eget Grup” Ltd, „Bantcarad” Ltd.