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Developing of the footwear industry in Moldova

Author: Ghelbet Angela
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Demian Uşanlî
doctor, associate professor (docent), Technical University of Moldova
Institution: Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 6 September, 2017
Approved by NCAA on the 11 May, 2018


Adobe PDF document6.05 Mb / in romanian


CZU 005.3:685.3(478)(043.2)

Adobe PDF document 5.90 Mb / in romanian
257 pages


developing, strategy, strategy management, management strategy process, business model, footwear industry, domestic footwear market, sectoral strategic analysis, relevant policies, development strategies for Moldova’s footwear industry


Thesis structure: introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 247 positions, 26 annexes, 136 pages of basic text, 20 figures, 19 tables. Number of publications on thesis topic: The received results are published in 12 papers.

Field of study. Management developing of the footwear industry.

The purpose of the thesis consistsof theoretical and applied foundation of the strategic directions described as responsible for the development of the footwear industry in Moldova.

Thesis objectives are emerging around issues related to the theoretical systematization of strategic dimension concepts and identifying the trends for academic environment’s actual concerns; Determining whether accessing theoretical and methodological support in developing a sustainable footwear industry; Analysis of economic and financial situation of the area of interest; Sector strategic analysis; Study and analysis of the domestic footwear market; Identifying and describing the types of consumers who prefer footwear products of domestic enterprises; Identifying limits and barriers in charge for retention of domestic footwear industry’s development; Identifying and justifying the strategic development directions of the footwear industry of Moldova.

The scientific originality and novelty consists in the concretization of the strategy concepts, strategy process management and business model; identification and justification of strategy management process steps linked to the business model of the footwear industry; argumentation of the scientific character of business model’s position and status in relation to the strategy; justification of the strategic directions identified as capable of developing domestic footwear industry upside individual growth, as a support in ensuring development at the branch level.

The important scientific problem solved consistsin the scientific and methodological substantiation of the management process of the strategy related to the business model for the footwear industry in the Republic of Moldova, which confirmed the recommendations’ opportunity regarding the responsibility of the business model for the implementation of the durable development strategies.

The theoretical significance of the thesis highlights the systemic bonding of the strategic dimensions and emphasizes the importance of developing theoretical and methodological framework on linking business models with the strategy.

The practical value manifests by: analyzing the activity in the footwear industry (by applying profile tools); conducting footwear market research and identifying the market structure at territorial level; analyzing the qualitative characteristics of the local footwear consumer profile; highlighting the development problems and reserves; performing strategic sector analysis; justifying strategic directions (the actions of strategies’ connection to the invoked policies) of development through effective management of growth strategies, by cooperation and by the new business models responsible for macro and micro economic development of the footwear industry in Moldova.

Implementation of scientific results. The research results, summarized by theoretical and practical recommendations for specific domain and presented in the thesis can be applied by the entities of local footwear industry and by other subjects responsible for economic growth and development. The research results were implemented by "Armir" Ltd, Soroca, "Olsa Shoes" Ltd and "Hîncu Com" Ltd, Chisinau.