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Fuior Elena, doctor, professorFuior Elena, doctor, professor

Institution:Cooperative Trade University of Moldova
Adviser Number:22 December, 2011, nr.1465
Specialties: 08.00.10 - Finance; Monetary Economics; Credit

Approved theses [5]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Guidelines and trends in optimizing the management mechanism of the enterprises' patrimony of the consumer cooperative system of the Republic of Moldova 08.00.10 Cooperative Trade Univers... adviser 15.03.2019
D Peculiarities of implementing financial mechanisms in the Microfinance 08.00.10 adviser 06.10.2010
D Reflections on the insolvency of enterprises of the cooperative consumer system and perfecting of the mechanism of financial administration of these 08.00.10 adviser 18.06.2009
D Indirect taxes and trends of their reformation towards sustaining industrial enterprises activity 08.00.05 adviser 18.06.2009
D The improvement of assets’ administrating system of enterprises from the cooperation of consumption in The Republic of Moldova 08.00.10 adviser 19.06.2008