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The Role of Free Economic Zones in the Insurance of Developing the Regional Economy in the Republic of Moldova

Author: Odainîi Dumitru
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Vasile Mămăliga
doctor, associate professor (docent), Technical University of Moldova
Institution: Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 14 September, 2017
Approved by NCAA on the 11 May, 2018


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CZU 339.624:330.35:332.1(478)(043.2)

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140 pages


free economic zones, benchmarking, level of development, regional development policy, national income, investment, labor productivity, sales revenue


Thesis structure. This paper contains an introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 100 titles and includes 11 annexes, 136 pages, 48 figures, 60 tables. The results are published in 6 scientific papers.

Field of study: economics.

The purpose of the research is to analyze policies to create free economic zones (FEZ) in Moldova and mechanisms to achieve efficient economic activity, to develop a method for finding the areas where it is expected to open these economic formations based on modern techniques. In order to achieve the goal of the research, the following objectives have been established: the analysis and the systematization of FEZ concepts, their organizational and legal forms and the stages of development in the world economy; the evaluation through comparison of FEZ concepts in different countries to those in ours; the analysis of the impact of present industrial infrastructures on FEZ activity, the analysis of investment activity in FEZ, the influence of these formations’ activity in the regional economy and in the country, projects of FEZ foundation in the policy of regional development.

The Scientific novelty and originality of the results achieved consist of systematization, realization and development of theoretical and scientific FEZ concepts, their classification according to investment activity criteria based on Pareto diagram, the development of the external factors influence analysis based on the PEST matrix, FEZ impact assessment on the regional economy through comparing economic activity indicators and the estimation of central tendencies of change, the assessment of the relationship between the FEZ development level and population’s income growth.

The Important scientific problem solved in the investigation is to develop an assessment system for FEZ economic performance and create a building policy for them taking into account the interests of the government and local authorities. The suggested recommendations will help ensure a fair competitive environment among the regions of Moldova, they will simplify the procedures of FEZ creation and will develop collaborative relationships between investors and public authorities.

Theoretical and practical value of the thesis is to develop theoretical and practical recommendations on building a favorable investment environment through the creation of free economic zones policy in national economy.

Scientific results of the thesis are used to decision making processes in creating new free economic zones in Moldova, as well as teaching aids for courses in economics (Anexe 11).