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Psychological basis of medical professional thinking formation

Author: Tarabeih Mahdi
Degree:doctor habilitat of psychology
Speciality: 19.00.07 - Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Development, Psychology of Personality
Scientific adviser: Aglaida Bolboceanu
doctor habilitat, professor
Institution: Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"


The thesis was presented on the 14 September, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 23 November, 2018


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CZU 159.92:614.25 (043.2)

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337 pages


profession, professionalism, medical activity, professional thinking, doctor’s professional thinking, factors of doctor’s thinking, necessity of medical thinking development, conception of medical thinking; the model of medical thinking formation


The structure of the thesis: introduction, four chapters, conclusion, recommendations, bibliography – 232 titles and 15 annexes. The thesis contains 234 pages, 41 pictures and 27 tables. The results of the investigation been published in 30 scientific works.

The investigation field: Psychology of Adults Training. The purpose of the research work is to determine the psychological basis of doctors professional thinking and to elaborate and verify psychological model for effective training of professional doctors thinking.

The objectives of the investigation: To conduct psychological analysis of doctors performance in terms of the needs for the thinking development; to create the concept of medical thinking and psychosociocognitive model of efective development of medical thinking; conduct a experiment to find out peculiarities of doctor thinking; develop a methodology for the formative experiment: carry it to determine the validity of the developed conception and model: summarize the findings, elaborate conclusions and recommendations.

Scientific novelty and originality of the research is that for the first time in Israel and Republic of Moldova, through systematic research, based on psychological analysis of medical activity is being studied professional thinking doctors approached as full complex psychological structure: are determined defining characteristics of this phenomenon; the bases of effective formation of doctor professional thinking are developed.

The new received basic results for science and practice which led to the creation of a new scientific direction: the psychological fundaments of medical professional thinking formation had been determined; the importance of this process for the success of medical activity and the increased needs for the development of medical professional thinking has been augmented; concept of medical professional thinking been created; the needs to develop medical thinking been defined in relation to the demands of the professional activity; been developed and verified psychosociocognitive model of medical thinking formation. In the process of experimental research a complex program to find out the particularities of the medical professional thinking was developed; the techniques and processes for thinking development were identified and validated, Those results have allowed the development of a new scientific direction in psychology - Psychology of development of adult professional thinking.

The theoretical significance of the work lies in the results obtained regarding the essence of the professional thinking of doctors and the opportunities for its development. In the investigation process, the systemic approach of medical professional thinking was validated as an object of training, and the psychological model of its formation was created. Practical value of the dissertation: the obtained results constitute a psychological basis to optimize the formation of medical staff through increasing its efficiency. We created a system of recommendations concerning the organization of training, selection methodology, the modernization of educational technology, depending on the requirements of modern medical practice.

Implementation. Research results have been implemented in Ben Curion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva; in the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, in the Department of Medical Sciences at the University of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.