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Territorial organization of the local power in the Republic of Moldova: politological approach and reforming opportunities.

Author: Cornea Sergiu
Degree:doctor habilitat of political Sciences
Speciality: 23.00.01 - Theory, Methodology and History of Political Sciences; Political Institutions and Processes
Scientific consultant: Victor Juc
doctor habilitat, professor,


The thesis was presented on the 31 January, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 15 March, 2019


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CZU 32.001:352(478) (043.2)

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328 pages


the Republic of Moldova, public power, local power, authority, administration, local collectivity, territorial organization, reform, distribution of the attributions, decentralization, system


Structure of the thesis: introduction, five chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 554 sources, 253 pages of text, 32 annexes. The results are published in 85 scientific papers.

Field of study: political sciences The purpose of the paper is to investigate the territorial organization of the local power in the Republic of Moldova based on the territorial organization paradigm of the public power. The interdisciplinary approach circumscribed to the stated purpose was achieved through the following objectives: the elaboration of a theoretical instrument for territorial organization analysis of the local power, determination of local power’s nature, characteristics and its role in the system of public power’s achievement, researching of the ways of the public power territorial organisation and instruments of influencing the local municipalities development, analysis of the decentralization conceptual benchmarks, the context and peculiarities of the tasks distribution mechanism between the public power levels, finding and assessment of the existing dysfunctions in the territorial organisation system of the local public power, identification of an optimal system of territorial organization of the local power, specification of the possible difficulties and social-political implications of the local power territorial organization reform.

Scientific novelty. The innovative character of the results obtained in the outcome of this scientific investigation lies in: elaboration and use of the territorial organization paradigm of the public power in the research of territorial dimension of the local power in the Republic of Moldova, foregrounding the defining elements of the local collectivities and redefinition of the notion "subject of the local autonomy", demonstration of the correlation between the efficiency of the local power authorities’ activity and its territorial dimensions, proving the necessity of reforming the current system of the local power territorial organization in the Republic of Moldova, proposed solutions to reduce the territorial fragmentation of the Republic of Moldova: strengthening of the local collectivities, inter-municipal cooperation and cross-border cooperation.

The results of the scientific researches contributed to the development of a new direction of scientific research - the territorial organization of the local power through the foundation of a new paradigm. The exploration of this direction of research, due to the fact that it was established the conceptual framework of the issue analysis, founded the basic notions of the domain and recommending solutions in order to overcome the existing situation. Moreover, it provided the methodological, theoretical and conceptual basis to further solve the problems related to the territorial organization of the local power in the Republic of Moldova and to make the local public authorities’ activity more efficient.

Theoretical significance of the paper is expressed by a complex research in the theoretical and conceptual plan of the problems’ essence and character related to the local power territorial organization, and in the applicative aspect, by defining the perspectives of its efficient functioning in the public power system. The approach had confirmed the role of the territorial organization of the local power in the Republic of Moldova, the positive aspects and the fundamental deficiencies in the context of the efficient organization and functioning of the local power authorities and the conformity of the principles and practices used with the European standards.

The applied value of the paper. The ultimate objective of the research was to develop a theoretical vision regarding the judicious territorial organization of the local power in line with the new realities and it would meet the economic, social and political challenges facing the Republic of Moldova. Reforming the territorial organization of the local public power on the basis of the recommendations made in the thesis will help to overcome the negative tendencies that occur at the sub-national level. Implementation of scientific results. The conclusions, suggestions and recommendations resulting from the research were presented at the scientific forums, published in specialized journals and used in the didactic materials development.

The research results can be used by the decision-making structures to identify and built an efficient system of the local power territorial organization in the Republic of Moldova and to strengthen the local democracy.