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CNAA / Theses / 2021 / June /

Career anchors as a factor of professional balance ensuring

Author: Zubenschi Mariana
Degree:doctor of psychology
Speciality: 19.00.05 - Social Psychology
Scientific adviser: Mihai Şleahtiţchi
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Public Administration
Institution: Institute of Education Sciences


The thesis was presented on the 3 June, 2021
Approved by NCAA on the 30 July, 2021


Adobe PDF document1.43 Mb / in romanian


CZU 316.477:316.6(043.3)

Adobe PDF document 12.94 Mb / in romanian
280 pages


professional balance, career anchors, career anchor axes, talent-focused career anchors, need-focused career anchors, value-oriented career anchors, levels of the circular model of career anchors, axes of professional balance: “I-I”, “I-Profession” and “IEnvironment”


Thesis Structure: annotation (in Romanian, English, Russian), introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 295 titles, 21 annexes, 148 pages of basic text, 12 tables, 32 figures and list of abbreviations.

Domain of Study: Organizational psychology and career.

The Purpose of Research are focused on studying the relationships between career anchors (axes and their levels), their relationships with different career aspects that identify the professional balance of adults, as well as in the validation of a complex intervention program on the axes of the professional balance: “I-I”, “I-Profession” and “I-Environment”.

The Objectives of the Research the study and analysis of career anchors and psychosocial factors that can intensify or reduce the state of professional balance; modelling the axes of the professional balance; profiling the relationships between the levels of the circular model of the career anchors and the axes of the professional balance; identification of the psychological margin between professional balance/imbalance and elaboration of a model of the relativity of the professional balance; elaboration, experimentation and evaluation of the results of the experimental intervention program “Anchoring the professional balance state” in the professional environment of teachers, social workers and doctors.

The Importance of solved Research Problem consisted in formulating the answer to the following question: how can the factors that contribute to the formation and / or consolidation of the professional balance on the levels of the circular model of career anchors characteristic for the professions in the service of humanity (medicine, education and social work) be theoretically substantiated and identified?

The Scientific Novelty and Uniqueness is dedicated to the designing, construction and implementation of a unique epistemic-experimental platform with reference to the relationship between career anchors and professional balance. Offering an original model of professional balance analysis, this research is the expression of an interdisciplinary study in which, for the first time in the local scientific space, are presented the premises and methods to ensure the desired type of balance through development and consolidation programs focused on the levels of the circular model of career anchors The Theoretical Significance is dedicated to the relationships between career anchors and professional balance, in determining the model of professional balance, elaborating and defining the axes of professional balance, developing the experimental intervention program “Anchoring the professional balance state”, as well as, in defining the relationships between the levels of career anchors of the circular model and the axes of professional balance.

The Research Applicative Value consists in the possibility of using its results on the dimensions aimed at the personal and professional development of the employees in the field of social work, the medical and educational one. In addition, the same results could be useful in the context of theses - bachelor's, master's and / or doctoral - focused either on the issue of professional balance, or that of career anchors, or both at the same time. In the same vein, we can talk about the possibility of capitalizing on research results in the context of elaboration / improvement and teaching of specialized university courses (basic, specialized, optional) within the faculties that train specialists in education, medicine and / or social work.

The Implementation of Scientific Results were achieved in international and national projects in collaboration with the Open Society Foundations, Orange Foundation, LED Liechtenstein Development Service, United States Agency for International Development, Advanced Research Institute of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, University Information Center, National Center for Digital Innovation in Education “Clasa Viitorului”, UPS “Ion Creanga” and FIUM, in educational programs of personal and professional development: “Supporting research excellence”, “Innovative technologies in training-personal development”, “Organizational psychosociology”, “Techniques and strategies for managing one's own budget ”, “HRM” and “Business techniques and negotiation” and “Women Digital Center”.