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Sports selection in the big tennis in system of long-term preparation

Author: Aurelian Segărceanu
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific adviser: Ion Carp
doctor, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 28 August, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 20 December, 2007


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CZU 796.342:796.01514

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220 pages


the big tennis, sports preparation, long-term preparation, training process, sports selection, model of preparation, sports perfection, technical and psychological readiness


The given research is devoted to a problem of optimization of process of sports selection in the big tennis at various stages of long-term preparation of sportsmen on the basis of development of some specific models of game in conditions of modern competitions.

As a result of the lead researches on the given problem, the analysis of the special literature, plans of preparation of tennis players and sociological interrogation it has been revealed, that realization of selection in system of long-term preparation of sportsmen mismatches a due level as do not undertake in attention existing methodology, law of the theory of training process, and also some factors and parameters which are specific to the big tennis.

The analysis of models and existing process of selection, level of physical development, the impellent parameters given of technical readiness and psychological parameters of tennis players at all three investigation phases has allowed to prove experimentally efficiency of sports selection in the big tennis in system of long-term preparation and to develop model of selection within the limits of sports perfection at the international level.

The received results can be successfully introduced as methodical recommendations for trainers of youthful sports schools, schools of sports skill, sports clubs, etc., and also during training students of profile educational institutions.