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Scientific Advisers: 13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Instruction (on disciplines)

45 persons have been authorized with the right of scientific adviser/consultant of doctoral thesis for the speciality "13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Instruction (on disciplines)".

Dg Name Institution Specialties Doctoral StudentsD Postdoctoral StudentsDH Personnel
D Babâră EugeniaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       2
D Balmuş NicolaeChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Barbăneagră AlexandraChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Barbas EleonoraChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       1
D Bocancea ViorelTiraspol State University       2
DH Botnarciuc VasileUSM  10.02.01      
D Braicov AndreiTiraspol State University        
DH Burlacu AlexandruInstitute of Philology, ...  10.01.01     8
D Cabac ValeriuAlecu Russo Balty State U...       2
DH Callo TatianaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...  13.00.01     8
DH Calmuţchi LaurenţiuTiraspol State University       3
D Cartaleanu TatianaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
DH Cemortan Stela (decedat)Institute of Education S...  13.00.01     3
DH Cioban MitrofanTiraspol State University  01.01.04, 01.01.06     7
DH Cojocaru-Borozan MaiaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...  13.00.01     2
D Cosovan OlgaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Crivceanschi NinaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       1
DH Cuzneţov LarisaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...  13.00.01     7
D Denisov EmiliaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Denisova ElenaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Drozd GalinaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       2
DH Evtodiev IgorUSM  01.04.10      
DH Gagim IonAlecu Russo Balty State U...       4
D Gherlovan OlgaTiraspol State University        
D Grădinari GalinaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Grosu MihailChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Hariton AndreiTiraspol State University       4
DH Lungu AlexandruTiraspol State University  11.00.01      
DH Lupu IlieTiraspol State University       7
DH Pâslaru VladChisinau Pedagogical Stat...  13.00.01     11
D Petrenco LiubaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       1
DH Petrovschi NinaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Plângau ValeriuTiraspol State University        
D Raileanu AureliaInstitute of Education S...        
D Răileanu VeronicaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Simac AnaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       2
D Strah LidiaUSM        
D Suzanskaia TatianaAlecu Russo Balty State U...        
D Tetelea MargaretaAlecu Russo Balty State U...        
D Tolocenco PetruTiraspol State University       1
D Tudose VeraChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Ursu LudmilaChisinau Pedagogical Stat...       1
D Vatavu AlexandruChisinau Pedagogical Stat...        
D Velişco NadejdaUSM        
D Volontir NinaTiraspol State University        

If a person have been authorized with the right of scientific adviser/consultant of doctoral thesis for more than one speciality, these specialties are listed in the Specialties column.