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Theses – Agriculture, 2010

Elaborated theses [7]

Gr Title Approval date
D Bacterial diseases of onion and ways of lowering of their damage in the conditions of Moldova 11.02.2010
06.01.11 - Plant Protection
D Productivity of apple trees, grafted on M9, according to the method of crown formation of ameliorated slender spindle type 18.03.2010
06.01.07 - Fruit Production
D The studying of new apple cultivars and hybrids in condition pedo-climatic in Republic of Moldova 18.03.2010
06.01.05 - Breeding and Seed Production
DH The study and aplication of genetical markers on the creation of the type of oxes moldovan of the race Baltat with blaсk 05.07.2010
06.02.01 - Breeding and Biotechnology for Reproduction of Farm Animals
D The influence of the quality of planting material on the development and productivity of vine 03.06.2010
06.01.08 - Viticulture
D Study of features of morph-productive characteristics of the carpathian bee Republic of Moldova.” 06.10.2010
06.02.04 - Zootechnics and Technology of Livestock Production
D Argumentation of forecast system for apple pests based on spatial and phenological models integration 04.11.2010
06.01.11 - Plant Protection