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Theses – Philology, 2021

Elaborated theses [8]

Gr Title Approval date
D Literary imagology: schools, directions, methods 26.02.2021
10.01.08 - Literature Theory
D The theory of variability and its applicability to the Romanian language of the Republic of Moldova 26.02.2021
10.02.01 - Romanian Language
D Reading as the means of existence for literary work. Theories of reading from the XXth century 25.06.2021
10.01.08 - Literature Theory
D The Syncretic dimension of the Advertising discourse: Semiotic and Pragmatic Approaches (based on the contemporary French language) 04.10.2021
10.02.05 - Romance Languages (with specification of language)
D The expression of evil in Romanian literature (Ion Creangă, Mircea Eliade, Vasile Vasilache, Savatie Baștovoi etc.) 30.07.2021
10.01.01 - Romanian Literature
D Peculiarities of Oral Translation from English into Romanian in Academic Environment from the Perspective of Students 30.07.2021
10.02.20 - Language Theory (Language Philosophy, Semiothics, Translation Theory)
D Structural and semantic peculiarities of phraseological units in English (based on zoonyms) 30.07.2021
10.02.04 - Germanic Languages (with specification of language)
D Semiotic-pragmatic elements in the bessarabian dramatic text 26.11.2021
10.02.19 - General Linguistics (with specification: Sociolinguistics, Psychological, Structural, Contrastive Typological, Mathematical, Computational Linguistics)