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Formation of psychophysical and motive qualities of schoolgirls lyceum cycle of an industrial profile on the basis of the program with the adapted maintenance

Author: Ambrosie Ionel
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific adviser: Sergiu Danail
doctor, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 21 November, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 26 February, 2009


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CZU 378.14:796

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psychophysical and motive qualities, lyceum industrial-technical education, students of lyceum cycle, adapted maintenance of education, physical education, professional-applied physical preparation, analytical program, profession-grammar, personality of specialist, production


In this research was carried out development of the problem of perfection the educational process of the discipline "Physical education" at the level of lyceum cycle of industrial-technical type. This research is foreseen by forming of the integral system of reading with the professional-applied orientation, which are adapted to physical, motive and psychical qualities of personality of specialist "Technician-electronician".

On the basis of theoretical study of this problem, analysis and generalization of front-rank experience, sociological questioning, testing and measuring, pedagogical supervisions, establishing experiments and planning was synthesized profession-grammar specialist of this industry. It allowed defining the rich-educational contexts of the alternative program of the discipline «Physical education». Were certain organizational-methodical constants, based on the pedagogical systems of schools of gymnastics, aerobics, games (basket-ball) and track-and-field events. Their judicial-farming aspects foresaw the absolute observance of principles of the system, structural, recurrence, continuity and professional-applied orientation of educational process.

The results of forming pedagogical experiment, carried out on the contingent of students of lyceum, – graduating students (XII classes) allow to assert about efficiency of the alternative program and method of its realization within the framework of annual cycle of physical preparation (123 hours: 60 hours is a course obligatory; 45 – optional; 18 – independent program of preparation). The developed program corresponds the stages of the scalene physical, general and specialized professional-applied preparation, where values of indexes of level of physical, psycho-motorize qualities and cognitive processes (32 parameters), necessary this profession, statistically for certain higher for the girls of experimental group as compared to a control group (for to 29 parameters).

Materials of the real research can be widely used in the educational process of educational establishments of industrial-technical type, on the faculties of physical education and sport, and also on the faculties of in-plant training and retraining of pedagogical shots.