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Danail Sergiu, doctor, professorDanail Sergiu, doctor, professor

Institution:National Institute of Physical Training and Sports
Adviser Number:14 April, 2006, nr.598
Specialties: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation

Thesis under consideration [3]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D Professional formation of the students from higher education in the field of physical education and sport on specialization: “Tourism manager” 13.00.04 National Institute of Phy... CSS member
Râşneac Boris
D Cognitive skills training to high school students in the discipline "Theoretical Sport Training" 13.00.04 National Institute of Phy... CSS member
Buftea Victor
D Modeling of application specific means swimming in the restoration and recovery of persons of age 31-40 years 13.00.04 National Institute of Phy... reviewer
Râşneac Boris

Approved theses [12]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Psychosocial adaptation of pupils with restraint in psychic development during the physical lessons with adequate educational content 13.00.04 adviser 05.11.2009
D Formation of psychophysical and motive qualities of schoolgirls lyceum cycle of an industrial profile on the basis of the program with the adapted maintenance 13.00.04 adviser 26.02.2009
D Basic Gymnastics Course forming pedagogical skills to physical education students” 13.00.04 adviser 22.01.2009
D Social psychology adaptation of the personality of the girl teenager in the system of the motivational adequate requirement of the maintenance of the physical training 13.00.04 adviser 24.01.2008
D Increase of efficiency of teaching and educational process of school physical training with use of educational means of sports kinds of struggle 13.00.04 adviser 18.10.2007
D The forming of professional language from pedagogical communication at the students of physical educations and sport faculty 13.00.04 adviser 01.03.2007
D Professional applied physical preparation of students of faculties of shipbuilding in process of physical training 13.00.04 adviser 26.10.2006
D Preparation of students of high schools of physical training in course "Management and the legislation" using consolidation games of the organization 13.00.04 consultant
Dorgan Viorel
D Formation of the personality of pupil in secondary schools with the sport section “Football” 13.00.04 adviser 22.12.2005
D Formarea ritmului de activitate motrică la studenţii facultăţilor de educaţie fizică şi sport în cadrul conţinutului adaptat al disciplinei "educaţia ritmico-muzicală" 13.00.04 adviser 23.06.2005
D Pregătirea profesională a studenţilor cu specializarea "kinetoterapie" pentru activitatea didactică în sistemul educaţiei fizice şcolare 13.00.04 adviser
Pintilei Sergiu (decedat)
D Intensificarea procesului de educaţie fizică din gimnaziu prin aplicarea utilajului sportiv nestandart, a muzicii funcţionale şi antrenamentului în circuit 13.00.04 adviser 24.02.2005