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Educational Marketingfrom the Perspective of Quality and Labor Market

Author: Bulat Galina
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics
Scientific adviser: Vasile Cojocaru
doctor habilitat, professor, Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"
Institution: Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"
Scientific council: DH 38-13.00.01
Institute of Education Sciences


The thesis was presented on the 27 December, 2012
Approved by NCAA on the 14 June, 2013


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educational marketing, education/training, market, services, management, quality, efficiency, strategies, development, labor force. Area of research: educational marketing


Structure of the paper. The paper consists of introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 184 titles, 16 annexes, 150 basic text pages, 28 figures and 26 tables.

Publications on the subject of the paper. The results of the research are published in 1 monograph, 14 articles in specialized publications.

The goal of the research consists in theoretical foundation of the concept of educational marketing and establishment of certain methodological guidelines for the purpose of its insertion into educational practices and policies.

The objectives envisagethe conceptualization of the marketing in relation to quality and labor market; the dimensioning of the impact of transition to the market economy upon the development of education and the establishment of an educational market; radiography of educational market and its capacity to satisfy the needs of the labor market and the society in whole; elaboration/establishment of some theoretical and practical reference points on inclusion of marketing in educational act and phenomenon.

Scientific novelty and originality of the research resides in the conception and realization of a relevant marketing model, as a constituent part of strategic planning and institutional development strategies of educational units, that constitutes the scientific problem solved in the paper.

The scientific problem addressed in the research: Development of the educational marketing concept, progressive and client centered, with a wide axiological value, determining a new vision of the contemporary market-oriented education development.

The theoretical significance isdetermined by the foundation of the concepts of educational marketing, educational market (quasi-market), educational service; the establishment of an interconnection frame between the education market and labor market, based on flexicurity principles; the working out of The Synergetic Model of Educational Marketing, in an integrative manner, by systematic nature.

The applicative value of the paper: (1) creation of a conceptual-methodological framework for transposing the principles of educational marketing to strategies, programs and actions, which would ensure the transfer of educational policies from the formal stage to the functional one: reconsideration of the planning and realization of institutional processes through marketing; (2) formulation of characteristics of the market-oriented institution, criteria and indicators for the assessment of the marketing activity efficiency; (3) working out of a training program of the management staff from education in the area of marketing.

The implementation of scientific results wasachieved in general schools, colleges, at courses on training the education managers, organized within the State pedagogical University „Ion Creangă”, via communications in scientific forums and publications.