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Theoretical and methodological foundations and applied aspects of strength qualities development in highly qualified athletes (based on materials regarding Olympic wrestling events)

Author: Маnolachi Victor
Degree:doctor habilitat of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific consultant: Viorel Dorgan
doctor habilitat, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Institution: The State University of Physical Education and Sports


The thesis was presented on the 26 March, 2021
Approved by NCAA on the 27 April, 2021


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CZU 796.015.52:796.8.81(043.2)

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248 pages


strength training; highly qualified athletes; training process; many years of preparation; special principles; muscle mode: concentric, eccentric, isometric, plyometric, ballistic; hormonal status; age dynamics; tests


Thesis structure: abstract in 3 languages; introduction; 5 chapters; general conclusions and recommendations; bibliography - 330 sources; 3 appendixes; 195 pages of main text; 9 figures; 23 tables. The results are published in 40 scientific papers.

Purpose of the research is to develop the theoretical and methodological bases and the applied aspects of developing the wrestlers‟ strength qualities.

Research objectives: 1. To characterize the modern system of knowledge in the field of training athletes, specialized in wrestling, and the main ways of its further development. 2. To study the level of knowledge and practical experience in the field of physical training of athletes specialized in wrestling, to compare it with the body of scientific knowledge accumulated in the theory of sports and special sections of biological disciplines. 3. To analyze the structure of the strength training of the wrestlers and the correspondence to it of the method of strength training; to form the concept of strength training of athletes, specialized in wrestling, corresponding to the modern level of knowledge. 4. Subject to the analysis the special principles that underlie the rational construction of the process of sports training and reveal their possibilities for increasing the effectiveness of strength training of athletes specialized in wrestling. 5. To study the totality of factors that determine the level of strength qualities and show their significance for increasing the effectiveness of the process of strength training of wrestlers. 6. To study the age dynamics of the growth of wrestlers' sportsmanship and to characterize the system of their long-term training. 7. To develop a fundamental model of strength training of athletes specialized in wrestling at various stages of long-term improvement. 8. To reveal promising directions of optimization of the process of strength training of athletes specialized in wrestling.

The theoretical significance and the scientific novelty of the paper lie in:
1) elaboration of the theory of the development of wrestling athletes‟ strength qualities, including: - definition and spread of the notion "strength training" of athletes who specialize in wrestling trials; - substantiation of the legalities, the general and peculiar principles of the development of the athletes strength qualities within the structural-functional approach of the process of training the performance fighters; - the mechanism for correlating the achievements in the field of sports physiology and biochemistry, medicine and sports morphology in order to argue the concept of sports training of wrestling athletes; - the conception and the functional-structural model of the fighters strength training, based on both the laws and principles, as well as a series of factors that determine the logic, stages and process of developing strength qualities in interdependence with the formation of other motor qualities.
2) elaboration of the methodology (in the narrow sense) for developing the strength qualities of athletes specialized in wrestling which is conditioned by the age dynamics of increasing sports mastery in wrestling and which includes stages, methods and principles of their strength training.

The theory and methodology for developing the strength qualities of athletes specialized in wrestling, developed by us, allows us to say that this research is a new direction in sports pedagogy and opens new possibilities for further research in the field of training the performance athletes.

The practical value of the work lies in the revision of traditional ideas in the field of the structure and content of strength training of athletes specialized in wrestling, the expediency of using the results obtained when improving the program-normative and organizational foundations of training athletes in the system of long-term improvement. Research materials should be reflected in the educational and educational-methodical literature for students of special educational institutions, as well as in the system of advanced training of the coaching staff. The approach implemented in the work should be extended to the study of problems related to the development of other motor qualities - speed, coordination, endurance, flexibility.

Implementation of research results. The experimental program and methodology were introduced into the sports, educational and training process of sports schools, specialized universities in Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia, as well as the Wrestling Federation of the Republic of Moldova and Romania and Judo Federation of Moldova.