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Communication Damages in families living long time in air attacks areas.

Author: Ostrobrod Alexandru
Degree:doctor of psychology
Speciality: 19.00.05 - Social Psychology
Scientific adviser: Aglaida Bolboceanu
doctor habilitat, professor
Institution: Institute of Education Sciences


The thesis was presented on the 7 November, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 16 February, 2017


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CZU 316.356. 2+316.77(569).(043.3)

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173 pages


air rocket attacks, communication, interpersonal relations, family, long time stress; conflict situation, exceptional situation, communication damages, posttraumatic stress, communication damages three-factorial model, communication damages psychotherapy.


The structure of the thesis: Dissertation contains introduction, three chapters, conclusion, recommendations, bibliography (232 titles), and 13 annexes. The thesis contains 122 pages, 15 pictures and 14 tables. The results of the investigation have been published in 8 scientific works.

The investigation field: Social Psychology.

The purpose of the scientific work is to finding disorders of communication in families, living a long time in the area of rocket attacks, as well as to develop and test the effectiveness of the training for psychological correction of such damages.

The objectives of the investigation:To analyse the existing scientific information about theoretical bases, models and approaches of communication disorders in families of long-term residents in the area of rocket attacks and methods of its correction; clarify the features of communication in these families; develop a model of communication disorders; develop a methodology for the formative experiment on the basis of the model we created and determine the effectiveness of the developed training by the communication; summarize the findings, elaborate conclusions and recommendations.

The important solved scientific problem consists in determining the communication disorders in families long time exposed to periodical airstrikes and was created the three-factorial model of communication disorders; based on this model was created a special psychosocial technology; its application is leading to improved communication in the concerned families.

Scientific novelty. For the first time was conducted a study of communication in the families living for a long time in the area of a rocket attacks; was determined the characteristics and features of the relationship and interactions between the members of these families in the life conditions; there are identified and presented long-term disorders in communication and their causes in studied families; was built three-factorial model of communication disorders. Was found experimental evidences for a high degree of communication disorders in families living in the named area, compared with families that do not suffer such a bombardment; also provides a method of sociopsychological training designed to improve communication within families living in the area for a periodical rocket attack. The thesis presents new experimental data in the framework of communicative and behavioral family approach.

Theoretical significance of the dissertation persist in the further development of representations about the communication disorders in the family, especially those exposed to long airstrikes and proposed three-factorial model of intra-family communication difficulties. The drawn conclusions and the key findings of conducted research have significance for specialists in social psychology.

Practical value of the thesis: was determined the causes and nature of communication difficulties in families who are living under the influence of long-standing territorial missile attacks and developing the special technology that allows for a highly effective psychological help.

Implementation of scientific results. The research underlying on the basis of the Centre's NATAL (Israeli Centre of psychological help to people exposed Arab-Israeli conflict) activity. Within the project "Emergency aid to families who have been suffered of rocket attacks" was successfully provided psychotherapy of communication for the families concerned.