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CNAA / Theses / 2018 / June /

Empathy development at preadolescent age

Author: Pîslari Stela
Degree:doctor of psychology
Speciality: 19.00.07 - Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Development, Psychology of Personality
Scientific adviser: Igor Racu
doctor habilitat, professor, Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"
Institution: Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"


The thesis was presented on the 29 June, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 23 November, 2018


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CZU 159.923.2-053.5(043.3)

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228 pages


empathy, empathic tendencies, empathic capacities, social environment, personality features, pre-adolescent age


Scope: to acquire new scientific knowledge regarding the empathy specific at preadolescents, to determine the personality particularities of preadolescents with different levels of empathy, to develop and implement a psychological intervention program aimed to empathy development.

Objectives: Research of psychological literature on preadolescent empathy and age, establishing gender differences concerning the empathy level at preadolescents, study the specific of empathy during the preadolescent age by determining the manifestation of empathy and the comparative analysis of the empathy levels at pre-adolescents from the 5th, 7th and 9th grades, highlighting the levels of empathy during the preadolescent age depending on the social environment, studying the specific of emotional intelligence and establishing the link between empathy and emotional intelligence at the preadolescents; Determining the relationship between empathy and selfesteem; The elaboration and involvement of preadolescents in a psychological intervention program for empathy development.

The important scientific problem solved is the identification of the empathy particularities from the perspective of its formation and development at the preadolescent age which enabled the implementation of an empathy development formative psychological program for this age.

Novelty and scientific originality. For the first time at the national level, a theoreticalempirical study on the empathy development at preadolescent age was conducted: the dynamics of empathy during the age of 10-15 years was concluded; gender differences are established in the manifestation of empathic tendencies, empathic abilities and emotional intelligence; relationships between empathy and self-esteem have been established; a psychological portrait of empathy preadolescents was revealed; a program for the development of empathic abilities in pre-adolescents of the 5th, 7th and 9th grades was developed and implemented; it was revealed that applying the psychological program it positively influences the development of empathy and the emotional development of the personality.

The theoretical significance of the research lies in the presentation of the main characteristics of empathy, the mechanisms of empathy production, the empathy’s components and functions, types and levels of empathy manifestation, the factors that influence the empathy development, empathy as a personality trait and the development of empathy at children of different ages. The applicative value consists in the possibility of applying the proposed psycho-diagnostically instrument and the complex program of psychological intervention and the results of the research in the work of psychologists, teachers and parents. The psychological intervention program can be included in the manuals and instructional materials for psychologists, pre-university teachers and can form the basis of a methodological guide for psychologists, teachers and all interested in this field.

Implementation of scientific results. The thesis is a solid contribution to the enrichment of national scientific literature in the field of psychology and is used in the process of training and training of psychologists at the Faculty of Psychology and Special Psychopedagogy of the "Ion Creangă" State Pedagogical University, at the courses: Psychology of Development, Psychology of Personality, The psychology of the preadolescent, in the psychological school service, in the activity of psychological counseling.