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Eremia Ion, doctor habilitat, professorEremia Ion, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Moldova State University
Adviser Number:5 October, 2011, nr.1241
Specialties: 07.00.02 - History of Romanians (with specification of time period)

Thesis under consideration [1]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
DH The institution of marriage and kinship relations in the Land of Moldova (17th century - early 19th century) 07.00.02 USM CSS president
Dragnev Demir

Approved theses [4]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
DH The logistics of Russian troops in Bessarabia (1812-1874) 07.00.02 USM adviser 01.07.2022
DH Confessional minorities in Bessarabia (1812 – 70 th years of the XIX th century) from its annexation to the liberal reforms 07.00.02 USM consultant 25.02.2016
D The Holy Mountain and the athonits hesychasme in the spiritual life of Moldova Country in XV-XVIII centuries 07.00.02 USM adviser 11.02.2010
D Ethno-cultural processes in the Carpathian-Nistrian space between the 2nd-14th centuries AD in the soviet historiography 07.00.02 adviser 20.12.2007