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Theses – Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, 2017

Approved theses [21]

Dg Title Domain Approval date
DH Clinical-biological and genetic changes in vitamin D status in pre- and postnatal periods of child's development medicine 16.02.2017
14.00.09 - Pediatrics
D Influence of local biologic active compounds on glutathione cycle in normal conditions and experimental liver pathologymedicine 23.03.2017
03.00.04 - Biochemistry
D Antimicrobial effects of some new chemical compounds from local sourcesmedicine 23.03.2017
03.00.07 - Microbiology
DH Childhood community-acquired pneumonia: epidemiological, ethiopathogenetic clinical-immunological peculiarities and recuperation programsmedicine 16.02.2017
14.00.09 - Pediatrics
D Effect of the active oxygen in its allotrope from in the complex treatment of marginal periodontitismedicine 23.03.2017
14.00.21 - Stomatology
D Enhancement of efficiency in restoring of endodontically treated teeth, using different intracanalar retentive systemsmedicine 23.03.2017
14.00.21 - Stomatology
D Technology, Quality, and Standardization of Dosed Powders Containing Spironolactone, Phenobarbital and Captopril for Childrenpharmacy 23.03.2017
15.00.01 - Pharmacy
D Harm reduction programs on health of people who inject drugs in the Republic of Moldovamedicine 23.03.2017
14.00.33 - Social Medicine and Management
D The clinico-paraclinical status and genetic polymorphism of chronic pancreatitismedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.05 - Internal Diseases (with specification: Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy)
D Cutaneous expression in evolution of systemic lupus erythematosusmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.06 - Cardiology and Reumatology
D Clinical and paraclinical characteristics of cardiac autonomic neuropathy in type 1 diabetes mellitusmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.03 - Endocrinology
D The optimization of medical and surgical management in acute pelvic inflammatory diseasemedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.01 - Obstetrics and Gynecology
D phthalmic disorders in patients with chronic migraine (clinical study)medicine 31.05.2017
14.00.08 - Ophthalmology
DH Central, pulmonary, hepatic and renal hemodynamics in patients with liver cirrhosismedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.05 - Internal Diseases (with specification: Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy)
D Inhaled analgesia in the management of patients with caries and pulp diseasesmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.21 - Stomatology
DH Treatment of patients with benign diseases of the gastroesophageal junctionmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.27 - Surgery
DH Morphology of the Spleenoligamentous Complex in Postnatal Ontogenesismedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.02 - Human Anatomy
D Immunobiochemical changes upon the administration of sulfated polysaccharides from spirulina in normal and pathological conditionmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.36 - Laboratorial Diagnostics; Immunology and Alergology
D The early diagnosis and modern treatment of Age-Related Macular Degenerationmedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.08 - Ophthalmology
DH Сlinical morphology of the vasculonervous apparatus of the thoracic aortamedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.02 - Human Anatomy
DH Dental implant placement in posterior edentulous maxillamedicine 31.05.2017
14.00.21 - Stomatology