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Management instruction of specialists in physical education through alternative forms of distance learning/ part time education: doctoral thesis in pedagogical sciences

Author: Fetescu Sava
Degree:doctor of pedagogics
Speciality: 13.00.04 - Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sport Training and Physical Culture of Recuperation
Scientific adviser: Anatolie Budevici
doctor, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Scientific consultant: Boris Râşneac
doctor, professor, The State University of Physical Education and Sports
Institution: The State University of Physical Education and Sports


The thesis was presented on the 28 December, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 21 April, 2016


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CZU 378.6:005 (035)+796.0 (043.2)

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252 pages


alternative forms of education, distance learning, part-time learning, curriculum, educational management, instruction management, physical education and sport, tutor, information and communication means


Structure of the thesis: introduction, 3 chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography comprising 254 sources, 252 pages, 154 pages of main text, and within the main text: 8 tables, 30 figures, 33 annexes. The findings are published in 11 scientific works.

Field of study – pedagogy.

The research purpose is the implementation of instruction curriculum management adapted to alternative forms of education for the training of physical education specialists.

Research objectives: studying the existing theory and practice on international level regarding the alternative forms of education; Determining the form and content of curriculum plans and of analytical syllabuses adapted to alternative forms of education; Elaborating managerial activities for the instructive-educative process; Arguing and assessing through experiments the efficiency of strategic documents and of the adapted management applied to instruction curriculum.

The novelty and originality of the research is that, for the first time, we studied and valued the management of instruction curriculum adapted to alternative forms of education. We elaborated a model adapted to specific didactic activities, which was implemented within a bachelor series for the training of future physical education teachers, which involved distance learning and part-time learning, as alternatives for full-time learning.

The scientific problem of great importancewe proved that, in the field of physical education, too, specialists can be trained by following a specialized program through alternative forms of education. By applying a management adapted to instruction curriculum, the DL students were trained at the same level as students within the full-time learning program.

The theoretical significance of the research is that we established the theoretical bases of instruction curriculum management adapted to a specialized program through DL or PTL. In addition, for the tutors, a methodical guide was drafted (“Distance Learning Management” in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Iaşi), as well as a “Study Guide” for students.

The applied value of research outcomes is the elaboration of the curriculum plan and of analytical syllabuses, as wee as the application of instruction curriculum management adapted to the particularities of alternative forms of education. Our approach can be considered an applicable model for other faculties, too, which have implemented such programs.

Implementation of research outcomes. Research outcomes have been implemented within bachelor programs pertaining to the specialization of physical education and sport, through alternative forms of education, in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Iași (and its territorial centres), in the Faculties of Physical Education and Sport in Galați, Bacău and Cluj.